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    Time Travel Historical Romance – Eternal Beloved By Mary Ellen Johnson

    A Jaded Contemporary Romance Novelist Finds Love in 14th Century Ireland in ETERNAL BELOVED, a Historical Time-Travel Romance by Mary Ellen Johnson

    –14th Century Ireland–

    Bel Lucy might be the fantastically successful owner of Bella Publishing, which specializes in romances, steamy and sweet, but she doesn’t believe in love. Bel certainly doesn’t believe in love after finding herself back in fourteenth century Ireland where she is forced to endure the company of the musclebound—not to mention poorly groomed—knight, Alaric DeLaMer. Yet, in a time of famine and civil war, Alaric proves to be Bel’s protector.

    Can Bel and Alaric’s love prevail against a vengeful former lover, a business partner seeking revenge, and a mysterious alchemist determined to destroy them both?


    About the Author

    On my first visit to Ireland, I visited Malahide Castle near Dublin. I was captivated by its stunning grounds and interior and its fascinating history, which so often aligned with the fate of Ireland itself. And once I learned of its ghosts, I knew Malahide Castle, now the fictional Castle by the Sea, would provide the perfect setting for my second time travel, Eternal Beloved.

    Before I Wake is the first novel in my four-book time travel series, Travels Across Time. Before I Wake deals with a pair of star-crossed lovers reuniting and fighting in thirteenth century Cornwall during the time of Simon de Montfort’s rebellion against England’s king.

    I am the author of the six-book Knights of England historical romance series, plus The Landlord’s Black-Eyed Daughter, based on the Alfred Noyes poem, “The Highwayman,” which was published under the pseudonym Mary Ellen Dennis.

    Upon completion of Eternal Beloved, I will say good-bye to my beloved Middle Ages and turn my Travels Across Time attention first to the Colorado Labor Wars, and finally, to a haunted roadhouse on Colorado’s eastern plains that may bear a close resemblance to a tavern owned by my grandfather.

    When not writing, I enjoy my children and grandchildren and Karma the Wonder Dog, my German Shepherd who helped me survive COVID and numerous other adventures.

    Wally, and other members of her family.

    While growing up, she was drawn to the idea of writing stories from a young age. Books were always present, being read, ready to go back to the library, or about to be discovered. All in her family shared information from the books in general conversation, giving them a wealth of knowledge and vivid imaginations.

    Mary Ellen Johnson