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    Thriller – Our Secret Circle By Tecia McLaughlin

    Our Secret Circle
    By Tecia McLaughlin
    Publisher: The Native Publishers
    Published: December 14, 2023
    Paperback: 9781963295146
    Genre: Thriller

    Chandler Grey arrived at the office at 7:45 and went straight to the break room. He lingered as long as possible, waiting for Braydee, but she never came. The words she had spoken to him yesterday sent a shiver down his spine. The pain in her eyes was something he recognized immediately. He had seen that same look in the eyes of his late wife in the months before she committed suicide.

    “Help me!”

    He went to his computer and began to search the employee data list. There was no one working at the company by the name of Braydee Quinn.

    He did a Google search hoping to find a shred of anything that would tell him who she was, and up popped a multitude of news articles that sent shockwaves to his core. This would explain the terror he’d seen in her eyes. Braydee Quinn was a missing person, and people everywhere were looking for her.

    When the fingerprints of a local police officer are found in the missing woman’s abandoned car, the small town of Orange Beach, Alabama, explodes with rumors. The officer is forced into hiding for his own protection, and shocking accusations begin to tear a family apart. As the investigation begins to narrow in on a local judge, a horror is revealed that no one saw coming.


    About the Author

    I’m a Southern girl who was raised in Alabama. I joined the US Army when I was seventeen and spent four years as a Counter-Intelligence/German Linguist. I was stationed in San Francisco, Texas, Arizona, and Germany and ultimately, I owe seeing other parts of the world to my military experience. I met the love of my life on my senior trip to Panama City Beach, FL, just before I joined the military, and we sent love letters across the ocean for many years.

    While getting my BA in Marketing at Troy University in 1989, I was crowned Miss Capitol City and competed for the title of Miss Alabama. From combat boots to high heels and evening gowns was quite a culture shock, but I loved it! I got married after graduation and decided to be a stay-at-home mom to raise our baby girl, SaVanna.

    My passion is photography, piano, guitar, Boston terriers, and writing, but in my free time, you’ll mostly find me on a pontoon boat floating down the river, sitting on a beach watching the sunset, or loving on my family.


    Tecia McLaughlin