The Secrets of a Life Well Lived: Transform Your Life, Create Inner Happiness, and Find Personal and Professional Growth through Self-Discovery By Steven Roberts

The Secrets of a Life Well Lived
Transform Your Life, Create Inner Happiness, and Find Personal and Professional Growth through Self-Discovery
By Steven Roberts
Independently Published
October 17, 2023
Genre- Self Help & Personal Development

The Secrets of a Life Well Lived is a new holistic approach to transform your life and create inner happiness, and personal and professional growth through a journey of self-discovery in health, mindfulness, beliefs and your reawakening.

Steven Roberts has worked internationally in the hospitality space as a former professional chef and global operations trainer and leadership executive which led him to the path of personal development, and progressive health and wellness. The writing of this book is inspired by the authors exploration and certification work in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as certifications in the leadership, health and Reiki modalities.

As a daily meditation practitioner, fitness and health advocate, he’s committed to the betterment of those who desire to improve their mindset, health (both physical and mental) and those who need the support of those who have walked the path that they seek to elevate their lives. He hopes you enjoy experiencing the reading of this book as much as he enjoyed writing it for you. And remember, the ancestor of every action was created through the thoughts that brought them to life.

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About the Author
Steven Roberts is an artist and author/blogger, and the business professional behind a series of successful ventures and expansions over 25-years within the hospitality industry and in leadership development and progressive corporate management. His professional tenure includes ownership of Nouveau Enterprises Investment & Consulting – and Pure Health & Holistic Health & Wellness Inc. – As a professionally trained culinary artist, Vice President, Personal-Health Coach, CEO and business Consultant in the United States and Internationally. During his tenure, Steven has provided leadership and expertise training and development for specialty retail brands as well as manufacturers and high-profile hospitality brands. Steven has also worked with industry leaders, food product manufacturers, and fitness product start-up small business organizations nationally. As an industry expert and public speaker, innovative leadership advocate and executive, Steven has also made appearances on the Food TV Network, Fox News and radio and television programs.

Steven is the founder and consulting principle of Nouveau Food Arts Consulting LLC – – with its impressive client list, where he worked with high profile restaurant brands, hotels, artisan food manufacturers, wellness start-ups and specialty retail markets. Steven has held key leadership positions nationally with organizational leaders in Culinary and Supply Chain operations and as CEO with global industry leaders in the industry. Steven is now the Chief Operations Officer of global operations with an innovative private aviation services organization and maintains his relationship with prominent clients and industry colleagues and executives in the field.

With more than twenty-five years experience in the hospitality industry, he has worked in several major restaurant & resort organizations. Steven is active in the current trends and development in the leadership field, professional development, progressive business practices and guest service operations management. He has been an active member and contributor to successful business start-ups, growth hospitality brands and entrepreneurial enterprises during his tenure in leadership and the personal development arena.


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