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    Technothriller – Virtual War By Ryan LeKodak

    Virtual War
    Paper War Series, Book Three
    By Ryan LeKodak
    Publisher: RandallVision
    Published: Jan 10, 2024
    ISBN: 9798989654505
    Genre(s): Technothriller, Thriller, Sci-fi

    It’s 2043, and with Helene’s power and influence growing by the day, one question remains: Can the killer AI be beaten? In the third book of the award-winning Paper War series, the determined team fighting for the future of humanity finds itself divided.

    Haunted by visions from her past, Ndidi will stop at nothing to find out what happened to those who disappeared on Mayday—even if it means betraying those who trust her most. Meanwhile, Manar and CJ have taken matters into their own hands and decided to fight Helene on her turf: the virtual world. With their human bodies comatose while their minds explore the internet, the stakes have never been higher. Will they figure out how the virtual world works in time to stop Helene’s plans? If not, they might be stuck in the virtual realm forever.




    About the Author

    Ryan LeKodak is a science fiction author who lives in San Diego, California with his family. After emigrating from Vietnam in 1980 by boat, Ryan dreamed of becoming a doctor and nothing more. But upon learning the sight of blood made him squeamish, he pivoted from premed to begin a thirty-plus-year career in high-tech engineering, IT, quality assurance, and operations. Now a cybersecurity program manager based in San Diego, Ryan juggles a hectic career, raising his twin sons, and appeasing a needy Poochon puppy. At home, his lively boys take center stage, and their colorful comic doodles, adolescent puns, and wildly exaggerated stories from school inspired him to craft fast-paced science-fiction thrillers that explore the ominous potential of a future where AI surpasses human control. Through his writing, Ryan champions the extraordinary strengths that reside within each of us and celebrates the individual quirks that lighten fantastic worlds on the brink of disaster.

    Ryan LeKodak