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    Southern Fiction – The Kingdom of Quail By Harris Strickland

    The Kingdom of Quail
    By Harris Strickland
    Independently Published
    Published: November 30, 2023
    ISBN: 9798988915409
    Fiction, Literary Fiction

    Set on a pristine quail plantation in South Georgia, this tale is a Southern saga about complex relationships that take place over decades.

    When Luke Johnson and his mother are abandoned by his alcoholic father, they are taken in by the Parkers, a wealthy family living on a pristine quail plantation in the Red Hills region of South Georgia. Luke embraces the natural surroundings and blossoms as a young man in this unspoiled environment. Trouble arises when a romantic attraction develops between Luke and the Parker’s young daughter threatening to end the good life he has found.

    Despite family tensions, Angus Parker and Luke bond together when a group of billionaire investors try to take the land for development. Luke is determined to stop the development, but he questions his conviction when an attractive young woman is sent to negotiate the deal.

    The future of the Red Hills hangs in the balance.


    About the Author

    Harris Strickland lives in Thomasville, Georgia and St. Teresa, Florida with his wife, Rebecca, and an English Cocker named Lucy. In 2014, after a near-death experience, he published his debut novel, The Search for Sam. His latest novel, The Kingdom of Quail, is scheduled for release in November 2023. Harris draws inspiration from his experience as a world traveler and travel guide for more than twenty years. Today, he and his wife manage a farm in South Georgia with an emphasis on longleaf pine restoration and wildlife preservation. He currently works as a real estate professional in the Thomasville area.


    Harris Strickland