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    Science Fiction – Colony’s Dawn By N Joseph Glass

    Colony’s Dawn
    Book One of the New Europa Trilogy
    By N Joseph Glass
    Indepenently Pubilshed
    Published: August 15, 2022
    ISBN: 9798986659831
    Genre: Science Fiction, Colonization, Dystopian, Post Apocalyptic

    Trapped in a sealed colony for over 200 years, life grown tedious for some. Fires, computer failures, and other sabotage endanger all residents. Conspiracy theorists have grown in number to the point of escalation. Gift Ojo, a slightly naïve 26-year-old resident, finds her once peaceful and joy-filled world shattered as she is accused of sabotage. Yet, Gift and her friends are the only ones who can save the colony before it’s too late!


    About the Author

    Award-winning author of Overlap and Colony’s Dawn. An Italian American born in New York and living in Milan, Italy. As a sci-fi fan, Glass enjoys interesting stories that fire the imagination. He loves the genres of science fiction, action/adventure, and thrillers. Reading compelling novels inspired Glass to create characters and expound stories from person experiences, including hopes, fears, and the musings of an active imagination.

    The journey to creative writing happened organically. As ideas entered his mind, Glass began visualizing scenes and the people in them. As imagination added detail and depth, he put his fingers on the keyboard and started writing. This form of creativity became a cherished hobby that became an obsession.

    Optimistic views of the future through art always interest him, as Glass believes ours will be bright.


    N Joseph Glass