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    Psychological Thriller – Voices In Blood By G.B. Reese

    Voices In Blood
    A Thriller Ride with Twists and Turns
    By G.B. Reese
    Independently Pulished
    Published: February 12, 2023
    ISBN: 9798377288817
    Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense

    Trapped in the echoes of a father’s madness, three boys fight to survive the chilling symphony of chaos, abuse, and murder.

    A father, convinced of the omnipotence of the guiding voices in his head, leads his family to a horrendous conclusion of mayhem. After accusing his wife of an adulterous relationship, he kidnaps his three sons.

    Taken from their mother and their home, the boys have to follow the rules of their alcoholic father and his guiding voices. Many tattered trailer parks become their new home, where they experience physical and mental abuse, mental illness, chaos and murder.

    The murder is so heinous it becomes national news and leads to a celebrity-driven murder trial, where appearances seem more valid than the actual truth.

    They all find different ways to navigate the misguided path on which they were placed.

    What kind of men will these boys become?

    This psychological thriller is a roller coaster ride of events that sometimes horrifies, sometimes amuses, and even seems frighteningly plausible in our current society’s framework.