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    Over the Shoulder by Mark Solomon

    Struggling to give your stories impact in a world flooded with content?

    Unlock the art of unforgettable storytelling with Mark Solomon’s wisdom, honed over 30 years in Hollywood’s elite editing rooms.

    Are you vying to leave an indelible mark that sticks in the memory?

    What if there was a roadmap, passed down from a master storyteller who’s stood shoulder-to-shoulder with cinematic legends?

    A guide not just about crafting tales, but infusing them with the emotion to mesmerize and endure?

    Envision your narrative not just being heard, but resonating long after the final scene fades to black.

    Open a treasure trove of storytelling mastery, distilled from the cutting rooms of iconic films like Shrek, Chicken Run, Space Jam, and the Eddie award-nominated Frankenweenie.

    Inside this illuminating guide, you’ll embark on a journey through the craft of visual storytelling, armed with:

    • An insider’s perspective on the storytelling crisis – Understand the unique challenges of today’s content-saturated world and why mastering the art of storytelling is the key. (begin with insights and inspiration).
    • A comprehensive, easy-to-apply framework for captivating storytelling – Explore Mark Solomon’s tried and tested strategies, fine-tuned through decades of collaboration with titans like Tim Burton and Mel Gibson.
    • Secrets to constructing memorable stories – Delve into the mechanics of contrast, cause and effect, suspense, and surprise, along with potent techniques from the Japanese stage that elevate and refine your narrative.
    • Universal storytelling tools – Whether you’re directing a blockbuster, creating digital content, or launching a brand, discover the keys to engaging your audience across any medium.
    • Practical advice and real-world anecdotes – Learn from Solomon’s freelance career and the lessons gleaned from the front lines with a Hollywood film editor.
    • Bonus resources for ongoing growth – Gain access to invaluable materials that support your storytelling journey, from work/life balance to tapping into your creative resources.

    And much more!

    Don’t let your stories fade into the background. Seize the opportunity to stand out, connect deeply, and leave a legacy of unforgettable narratives.

    Why settle for being just another storyteller? Begin your transformation today and craft stories that not only captivate but resonate across the globe. Your path to storytelling mastery is just a book away!

    Dive into the heart of cinematic storytelling, unlock your potential, and emerge ready to enchant the world!

    About the Author

    Mark Solomon is a visual storyteller with a memorable body of work in animated movies. His cut his teeth as a film editor on Space Jam in 1996 and went on to edit some of the most highly regarded films of the past three decades. Shrek, Chicken Run, and Frankenweenie are among his award-winning highlights.

    As a producer and writer Mark’s projects have taken him from the Himalayas in Nepal to the Olympic Stadium in London. He is a recognized expert, consulting on international productions, including Ella Bella Bingo (Norway), Condorito (Peru), Googly (Scotland), Simon’s Cat (England), and Rumbuck and Spink (Australia).

    To support future filmmakers, Mark has taught at film schools and universities in the U.S. and the United Kingdom and continues to enjoy creative collaborations on projects large and small.

    Mark Solomon