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    New Young Adult Sea Adventure Releases – The Wellermans’ Tale by Samson’s Sister

    Unleash a storm of imagination on this journey into a world of relentless seas, ancient curses, and a quest for power.

    Samson’s Sister announces the release of her new young adult shanty novel, The Wellermans’ Tale. Released by Friesen Press in January 2024, the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers.

    This young adult historical fantasy, filled with action and adventure, takes readers on a voyage beyond the ordinary, exploring the mysteries of Davy Jones and the depths of the seven seas.

    In a world where constant storms wreak havoc upon the seas, sailors whisper tales of Davy Jones, a being neither man nor god, ruling the locker – the final resting place for lost souls. Amidst rumors of Jones granting wishes in exchange for a mysterious mark, the Wellerman siblings, heirs to the Wellerman Trading Company, embark on a daring quest. Coercing a young captain, they set sail on the Billy O’Tea, a vessel where shadows come to life and secrets divide the small crew.

    As the tale unfolds, readers will be captivated by the release of Leviathan after a millennium of imprisonment in Davy Jones’s locker, threatening to engulf all in its path.

    About the Author:

    Samson’s Sister, living in the shadow of her brother in the quiet prairies, has emerged as a talented author with a unique voice. Trained in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserves and inspired by her experiences and Harvard’s Pre-College program for young adult literature, Samson’s Sister brings a fresh perspective to the literary world. Her debut novel, The Wellermans’ Tale, is a testament to her passion for storytelling.

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    The Wellermans’ Tale is now available on Amazon.

    In a world of storms and shattered ships, the Wellerman heirs embark on a perilous voyage to unlock the secrets of Davy Jones, only to find that shadows and ancient creatures awaken on the cursed Billy O’Tea.