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    New Book – Time 2 Go By Best-Selling Author Max Sampson

    Discover the Ultimate Guide to Time Management and Unlock the Secrets of Time Mastery

    Prepare to embark on a journey of self-discovery and productivity as Max Sampson, the best-selling author of The Max Sampson Collection series, releases his latest masterpiece, Time 2 Go: 17 Proven Techniques For Eliminating Time Killers, Bad Habits, Unproductive Distractions, and Procrastination. Scheduled to launch on January 1, 2024, this transformative self-help book offers 17 proven techniques to eliminate time killers, bad habits, unproductive distractions, and procrastination, setting readers on a path to unlock their full potential.

    In a world where time is both precious and finite, Time 2 Go challenges conventional notions of productivity and time management. Max Sampson guides readers to rethink their approach to time, emphasizing quality over quantity and purpose over busyness. With this book, readers will not only regain control of their schedules but also transform their lives.

    Key Highlights of Time 2 Go Include:

    • 17 Power Moves: The book presents 17 powerful techniques to help readers regain control over their time, habits, and ultimately, their lives.
    • Self-Discipline Mastery: Discover the secrets to cultivating self-discipline, making procrastination a thing of the past.
    • Core Values and Scheduling: Explore the profound connection between your core values and your daily schedule and learn how clarity in your values can supercharge your time management efforts.
    • Immediate Application: Thoughtful prompts within the book allow readers to apply their newfound insights immediately.
    • Habit Formation: Gain insights into creating and maintaining habits that stick, along with strategies for designing an environment that reduces friction.
    • Focus in a Distracted World: Learn practical strategies for staying focused in today’s world filled with distractions.
    • Time Spent vs. Time Invested: Understand the difference between time spent and time invested, and how this principle can enhance all your relationships.

    Time 2 Go challenges the notion that time is merely money, highlighting the irreplaceable value of time in our lives. Max Sampson’s book goes beyond traditional productivity hacks, encouraging readers to focus on doing the right things to make every moment count.

    About the Author:
    Max Sampson is a renowned inspirational and best-selling author, known for The Max Sampson Collection series. His work provides guidance and advice on stress management, sleep improvement, time management, and relationship building, equipping readers with the tools to take control of their lives.

    Max’s expertise in mental health stems from his personal journey and experiences, including overcoming challenges like substance abuse and toxic behavior. He is committed to sharing his knowledge to help others avoid similar pitfalls.

    Time 2 Go is going to be a game-changer for anyone looking to maximize their time and lead a purposeful life. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your life.

    Get your copy of Time 2 Go: 17 Proven Techniques For Eliminating Time Killers, Bad Habits, Unproductive Distractions, and Procrastination today!!