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    New Book By Dr. Robert Barner Shows Leaders How to Succeed Through Self-Coaching

    Want to get ahead but lack a coach?

    In his latest book, Bootstrap: How to Succeed as a Leader Through Self-Coaching, Dr. Robert Barner, an experienced executive coach, author, and management consultant, gives readers the tools they need to take charge of their own careers. Bootstrap includes thought-provoking questions, application exercises, and real-life case studies. Bootstrap is designed to help experienced managers quickly identify areas for leveraging their performance and preparing for broader leadership roles. Non-managers will find it an excellent toolkit for preparing for their first leadership role. It’s like having your own portable coach and advisor in book form.

    About the Author
    Dr. Robert Barner has over 40 years of experience as both a corporate leadership development executive and a leadership coach, and is the author of several books on coaching and leadership development.

    Advance Praise for Bootstrap

    “Dr. Barner’s Bootstrap is a beacon for self-coaching, making it a must-have for aspiring leaders and those seeking transformative growth.” – Kevin Austin, Group Vice President; Toyota Motor, North America

    “The book is a must for organizations and leaders that embrace continuous growth through self-coaching.” – Annelies Kampert, Vice President and General Manager, Crestron Europe

    “This guide to self-discovery is a great tool for any leader’s toolkit.” – Stacy Winsett, Chief People Officer, RATPDEV

    “Whether you are new to the concept of self-coaching or looking to expand your existing toolkit, this book is a treasure trove of wisdom, motivating all to unlock their fullest personal and professional potential”. – Allen Johnston, VP of Americas, EXFO

    “Dr. Barner skillfully helps readers self-discover and apply the potential within them. As an avid follower of Dr. Barner’s work, I looked forward to reading this, and it was well worth the wait.” – Matthew Hirst, PHD; VP, Talent and OD, First Command Financial Services

    Bootstrap is available February 2024
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