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    Mystery – Naked Came The Hunter By M. J. Edington

    Naked Came The Hunter
    By M. J. Edington
    Cyclone Creek Novels
    May 14, 2014
    ISBN: 9798987720745

    The mountains of West Virginia become clouded in mystery when hikers find a dying man in the unforgiving wilderness. Something… or someone… savaged him nearly to death. His body shredded, left to die in the dense forest… alone.

    Upon arrival at the secluded Eagle Mountain Naturist Enclave, a retired trauma surgeon is thrust into a desperate race against time to save the life of a mysterious stranger. His bones shattered, back ripped apart, and skull fractured, he suffers from a major concussion. Amnesia stripped him of any memory of his past and even his identity. The horrifying experience that nearly took his life remains walled away in the darkest corners of his subconscious.

    Saved by these peculiar people, he struggles with the stark reality of his broken body. He must cope with this alien place where nobody wears clothes. The free-spirited nudists of the Eagle Mountain Naturist Enclave must learn what happened to this man. Does the attacker that tried to kill him still lurk in the forest nearby? Is there a threat to the entire community?

    Will he survive to unravel the mystery? Can he regain his memory in time to expose the truth behind an attack that nearly killed him?

    Journey into the heart of the Eagle Mountain Naturist Enclave in this gripping tale of survival, redemption, and self-discovery where the scars of the body and mind reveal naked truths that bind us all.


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    About the Author

    I’ve always had an adventuresome streak, and when I first came to Colorado, that side of me seized control.

    For about a decade, I’ve worked as a Fugitive Recovery Agent. You might think that means bounty hunter and technically that would be correct. We prefer the FRA title among ourselves, due to the stereotype people conjure up.

    I also work as a private investigator, which isn’t nearly as exciting as folks might think. Long hours on surveillance detail do not stimulate the adrenal glands much.

    Now, at 71 years if age, my keyboard allows me to immerse myself in all the adventures I can dream up. Some things I write are real, most are fiction, but all intended to entertain. There may be some tall tales, like the time another bounty hunter I’ve worked with over the years, maced a llama. Hey, it was dark and the critter took him by surprise.

    The Cyclone Kid is my first novel, but certainly wont be my last. Hang up your Stetson, kick off your boots, and let me spin a few yarns for you.

    I believe you’ll have more fun than a porcupine in a nudist park as you read my tall tales.


    M. J. Edington