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    Millie Lands a Movie Deal By Melissa Martineau Alexander

    Hollywood is clamoring for the rights to Millie Chandler’s latest novel…but it will come at a cost Millie never anticipated.

    Millie Lands a Movie Deal
    By Melissa Martineau Alexander
    Independently Published
    Published: November 14, 2023
    ISBN 9798867283407
    Genre: Women’s contemporary fiction; romantic suspense

    A bestselling book, a fallen Hollywood star, and a widow’s dilemma…

    Millie Chandler is a widow and single mom living in southeast Texas. Under the pen name Ingrid Bleu, Millie has made a successful living as an independent author without drawing any attention to her. Her latest novel, Finding Samantha Merryweather (a tear-jerking drama about forgiveness and redemption), has steadily increased in sales since its release six months prior. Suddenly, her novel became a best-seller thanks to Lindsey Faulkner, a famous actress, producer, and lifestyle guru. She selects Finding Samantha Merryweather as her Book of the Month and posts an Instagram story about Millie’s book. Lindsey states she intends to contact ‘Ingrid Bleu’ to obtain the movie rights for her production company. This creates a frenzy within the movie industry, and now everyone is clamoring to buy the rights to Millie’s novel!

    Once the biggest box office draw worldwide, Declan Garity is now disgraced and rejected from Hollywood. Though considered one of the most extraordinary talents of his generation as an award-winning actor and screenwriter, Declan has been plagued by substance abuse, multiple arrests, incarcerations, a violent temper, and family tragedy, forcing him into exile for the last five years. Now sober, Declan is convinced Finding Samantha Merryweather is the perfect vehicle to stage a comeback. As such, he must rush to Millie before Lindsey Faulkner, also Declan’s former lover, purchases them. Declan is determined to convince an apprehensive Millie that he’s the perfect choice to bring her book to the screen.

    Cherishing her quiet and peaceful life, Millie worries that selling the rights to anyone, especially Declan Garity, will come at a personal and professional cost. Is that a price Millie Chandler’s willing to pay? It won’t be long before Millie discovers the stakes are higher than she could have imagined.

    Millie Lands a Movie Deal is a quick, fast-paced read that holds your attention until the end! Get your copy today and join Millie as she navigates the tantalizing world of fame and love.

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    About the Author
    Melissa Martineau Alexander is a native Rhode Islander living in Texas with her husband and two children since 2015. Born with a love of writing, Melissa has also written Anatomy of an Affair: Part I (2015) and its sequel, The Healing of Lily Wentworth (2015). In addition, she has written under the pen name Indigo Bryerly, with Love, Destruction & Pinot Noir (2018).

    Melissa also designs journals and accounting ledgers, which are also on Amazon.

    In addition, Melissa is the host of The Assumption Function Channel on YouTube, helping to inspire others to create the life they want.