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    Max Cyber Terror Revenge By Anthony Silman

    Max Cyber Terror Revenge
    Max’s Revenge Technothriller Series, Book Five
    By Anthony Silman
    Michael Terence Publishing
    April 24, 2024
    ISBN: 9781800947573

    One Click. One Catastrophe. One Desperate Mission.

    In the digital age, where shadows harbor unseen dangers and terror knows no borders, one man and his team stand as the last line of defense against an insidious threat.

    Cyber mayhem threatens when a religious zealot is recruited to drive fear and terrorism across the Western world. When a controversial male-supremacy platform is hi-jacked to be the messenger to coordinate international acts of mass violence, Max and the team have to act.

    Their fight against evil leads them to a sextorionist loverat, a ravishing, calculating cougar, a callous, cunning web boss and a militant extremist who has to kill to live. As urban riots break out, Max must make a deal with the devil to stop this terrifying, lawless organised threat to Western cities but can he succeed against such highly organised terrorists…

    Join Max and his team as they embark on their most dangerous mission yet. Are you ready to dive into the heart of darkness and emerge victorious against the forces of cyber evil? Get your copy today and prepare to be thrilled, challenged, and ultimately, inspired.

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    About the Author

    Tony has been writing for most of his life, from editing a group of newspapers to copywriting to creating speeches and scripts for global company conferences and videos.

    His news and research instincts, combined with his interests in emerging technologies and new media, are the essence of his books which, although fiction, have a core of fact and real-life occurrences.

    Tony lives in Wiltshire with his beloved wife Sarah.


    Anthony Silman