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    Hound Dogged By Rebecca Hendricks

    Hound Dogged
    By Rebecca Hendricks
    Independently Published
    Published: June 2, 2023
    ISBN: 9798887593135
    Genre: Rock n Roll Music, Historical Fiction

    In the vibrant year of 1958, a time when Rock & Roll pulsated through teenage hearts, five friends found harmony in chaos, forming The Hound Dog As societal forces clash and cultural upheaval takes center stage, John, Stu, Jerry, Patrick, and the talented newcomer Danny embark on a musical journey in the throes of a changing world.

    Beneath the surface of their carefree strumming sessions in Stu’s mom’s basement, ambitions stir within the band. Doubts arise, and the camaraderie is tested as the members question each other’s motives, wondering if they can collectively reach the pinnacle of Rock & Roll stardom.

    Tensions escalate, propelling The Hound Dogs toward an unexpected gig before a sizable audience, a challenge they are ill-prepared to face. Faced with the looming prospect of failure on stage, a talented newcomer, Danny Bruer, joins in and helps to save the day. However, Danny is preparing to audition for The Dice, a major band with a colossal ego, and they’re determined to acquire something The Hound Dogs possess, whatever the cost.

    As The Hound Dogs and The Dice stand on the brink of a musical clash, will the echoes of 1958 reverberate with the triumph of friendship and a love for music, or will the pursuit of fame lead to a dissonance that threatens to drown out the harmonies they once shared?

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    About the Author
    Rebecca Hendricks is a writer and author of the new novel Hound Dogged.

    Rebecca has made a career doing accounting and Judicial Assistant work, but her passion has always been writing and creating colorful and exciting stories. Starting at a young age, Rebecca could be found in her room, spending countless hours writing stories in long hand or typing her work with one finger on her father’s antique typewriter.

    Rebecca is a Colorado native where she lives with her husband, dog, and two cats. She enjoys urban exploration and camping with her husband and their Golden Retriever, Haley. In her limited free time, she enjoys restoring and giving new life to old dolls.