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    Hold Circulation: Trial and Redemption By Syntell Smith

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    Hold Circulation: Trial and Redemption
    By Syntell Smith
    Publisher: Syntell Smith Publishing
    March 3, 2023
    ISBN: 9781952506963
    Genre: Literary Fiction

    In the book of life, the page must always be turned.

    Robin Walker is at a crossroads. It’s 1994, and he’s been suspended from his part-time clerical position at the 58th Street Branch Library. His co-workers are overburdened, even with visiting clerks from other libraries.

    Still mourning the loss of his grandfather, Robin also pines for Shinju, his former girlfriend and the niece of his supervisor Sonyai Yi. Meanwhile, library page Tonya Brown attempts to reconcile with her cheating boyfriend Andrew Friedman. Information assistant Angie Trueblood is given the cold shoulder by Heywood Learner, still despondent over a breakup. And former 58th Street page Janelle Simms is due to give birth and go on maternity leave, all while feuding with her parents.

    But all is not lost. Over time, these co-workers have become much more than that. Joy, anger, love and pain are etched among them like ink on paper. Now they must decide whether to renew their life choices or reserve a new path. And with their due dates fast approaching, one thing becomes clear – everybody wants a happy ending.

    Hold Circulation is the latest entry in the Call Numbers series. Author Syntell Smith crafts a layered and thought-provoking novel that examines the drama-filled lives of the people that are best known for keeping quiet. Underneath the surface, these fascinating characters try to break free of life’s burdens… by leaping off the page.

    About the Author

    Syntell Smith was born and raised in Washington Heights, Upper Manhattan in New York City. He began writing while blogging his hectic everyday life experiences in 2004. After gaining an audience with a following of dedicated readers, he studied scripts and plays and got into screenwriting. “Call Numbers” is his first novel that he plans to develop into a series. He loves comic books, video games, and watching reruns of Law and Order. Syntell is active on Facebook. Tumblr & Twitter, and currently lives in Detroit.


    Syntell Smith