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    Historical Thriller – Plantation Underworld By Elisa B. Danz

    Plantation Underworld
    By Elisa B. Danz
    Independently Published
    ISBN 9798893162684
    June 4, 2024
    Historical Mystery, Historical Thriller

    In the heart of the South, secrets and betrayals are as overgrown as the lush plantation gardens…

    Sara, seeking refuge from a shadowy past, finds herself on the threshold of Becksley plantation—a place that promises concealment among its sprawling, secretive grounds.

    When Sue, owner of the small tavern on the plantation grounds, offers Sara not only a place to stay but a chance to own the business, Sara sees her first thread of hope.

    As Sara steps into her new role, she becomes immersed in the social dynamics of plantation life. Every day becomes a balancing act between running her business and keeping the secrets of her past buried.

    Faced with the allure of a respectable new life as a business owner and the fear that her past will catch up to her, Sara wrestles with the choice of fully adopting her new identity or fleeing again when the truth threatens to surface.

    Plantation Underworld echoes Nicola Sanders’s Don’t Let Her Stay and Ramona Haggins’ The Secret Between Them, weaving a tale of gripping suspense around a woman’s struggle to reinvent herself. Set against the rich, atmospheric backdrop of Southern high society, this novel examines whether one can ever truly escape a haunted past.


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    About the Author

    Elisa Danz has been a voracious reader from an early age. She grew up in the northeast where she was a news reporter and features writer on a small daily newspaper. When she moved to Virginia she landed in an area close to several historic plantations. During many visits to them, her imagination ran wild. That is what inspired her to write a fictional story about life on Southern Plantations in more recent times. She now lives in Florida and enjoys spending time with her amazing husband. Elisa is actively involved in her community. Her volunteer work as an exercise instructor brings her great joy. Wine study is a serious hobby for Elisa. She has traveled to various regions in the States and abroad and loves bringing people, food, and wine together. She is blessed to have a wonderful circle of friends and a loving family.


    Elisa Danz