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    Historical Romance – A Spark of Romance By Paullett Golden

    A Spark of Romance
    Romantic Encounters, Book Three
    By Paullett Golden
    Independently Published
    Release Date: March 25, 2024
    ASIN: B0CVD61W8J
    Genre: Historical Romance

    Behind every hero is a dreamer.

    Isobel Lambeth lives in a world of fanciful romance where the hero wins every duel, and the maiden is never locked in the castle’s tower long before the daring rescue. Dream becomes reality when a Gothic-inspired mystery involving hauntings and abductions entangles her.

    Alistair Trowbridge is preparing to write a new chapter in his life with this ladylove. What he had not planned was his father’s perceived villainy, instigating Isobel’s descent into flights of fancy–or is it madness?

    Join Isobel and Alistair in this lighthearted Gothic satire as they discover the skeletons behind the locked door, turning adventure into romance.

    From second chance romances to mistaken identities, experience a”spark”of romance in this collection of one short novel and twelve bonus flash fiction stories.

    Books in the Romantic Encounters Series:

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    Romantic Encounters, Book 1

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    Romantic Encounters, Book 2

    A Spark of Romance
    Romantic Encounters, Book Three

    About the Author

    Paullett Golden writes character-driven, closed-door historical romance. Her novels star characters loved for their imperfections and idiosyncrasies. The writing aims for historical immersion into the social mores and nuances of Georgian England. Her plots explore the human psyche, mental and physical trauma, and personal convictions. Her stories show love overcoming adversity. Whatever our self-doubts, love will out. Paullett has served as a university professor for three decades but made a career change to novelist after surviving her battle with ovarian cancer. Now, she enjoys an active life, anything to challenge her physically, mentally, and emotionally. Her greatest writing inspirations are Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, and Elizabeth Gaskell.

    Paullett Golden