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    Historical Fiction – Black Hearts Be Damned

    Black Hearts Be Damned
    By George A. Thorn
    Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing Limited
    February 15th, 2024
    ISBN: 9781803817521
    Genre: Historical Fiction, Alternative Historical Fiction

    Piracy can only survive for so long. Through turbulent times and mismanaged leadership, Sebastian Teach (Blackbeard’s Great Grandson) takes the helm to steer the I.I.C (The Independent Islands of the Caribbean) away from danger. However, rumblings inside the Captain’s cabinet threaten to sabotage his success. With his love of piracy compromised, what will he resort to to keep piracy the dominant threat of the seas?

    About the Author

    Experimenter, movie nerd and fox lover.

    Always think big! I dream of creating stories that are different, weird and charming to readers in every genre. Never believe that your stories are too bizarre, if you think it’ll work, what have you got to lose?

    I wish to continue my journey to entertain those looking for something different.

    I hope you all enjoy my work.


    George A. Thorn