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    Elephant Bones By Michael Gleason

    Elephant Bones
    By Michael Gleason
    Independently Published
    Published: November 6, 2023
    ISBN: 9781735594521
    Genre: Historical Fiction

    Journey through the timeless tapestry of friendship, family, and love, set against the rich backdrop of Virginia Beach. “Elephant Bones” tells the story of two inseparable friends, Joellen Bower and Emily Harrington, born a day apart in the sunlit month of July. Their lives are a testament to the unbreakable bonds formed under the shade of great willow oaks and the roots of the watery bald cypress trees in a place known as Elephant Bones.

    Nestled in the Pungo borough of Princess Anne County, Elephant Bones becomes more than just a playground for the girls. It’s a treasure trove, a sanctuary, and a testament to the history of the region. For Joellen and Emily, it’s a realm of memories, dreams, and promises – from burying tiny treasures in the sand to growing up amidst the stark contrast of wealth and hardship.

    Brought to life by the whims of Emily’s father and the history of the Harrington Plantation, Elephant Bones becomes a symbol of the American South and the intricate web of lives, tales, and legacies interwoven through its soil. As the girls mature, the treasures buried beneath the sands of time emerge, reshaping their destinies in ways neither could have imagined.

    Dive into this evocative tale and bear witness to a friendship that challenges the tides of change, history, and fate itself.

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    About the Author
    Michael Gleason is an old author with a new start. He and his wife, MaryAnne wrote and worked on several novels together before MaryAnne succumbed to cancer in 1998. The writing team constructed the outlines and partial stories to several books and published two of them under MaryAnne’s name.

    Like many, Michael was crushed by the loss of his wife of 20 years. Shortly after her demise, he sold their 5-acre home in the Great Bridge area of Chesapeake, VA, and returned next door to his hometown of Virginia Beach where he resides today.

    For 20 years, Michael stored his and MaryAnne’s writing projects on the top shelf of his home’s garage and only returned to it in 2020. He then finished his and her novel entitled Forbidden Justice which was released on Amazon Kindle in February 2021.

    Now remarried, Michael lives happily with his wife Terri and their Boston Terrier, Abbey, who greets visitors vivaciously at the front door. Abbey’s motto is “Every stranger is just a friend she hasn’t met.”

    Michael holds a BA and Master’s Degree from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA, where he minored in English literature. While living mainly on the east coast of the U.S. including Maryland, Washington D.C. (where he was born), Brunswick and the Golden Isles in Georgia, Michael has enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time in Europe, including a summer studying at the University of Graz in Austria.

    He invites you to read his newest novel entitled, FORBIDDEN JUSTICE and would love to receive an honest assessment of his endeavor. He can be reached at