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    Contemporary Action Fantasy – Here Be Jinn

    Here Be Jinn

    Here Be Jinn
    Fieldwork In Mesopotamia, Book One
    By Dennis Tsarson
    Independently Published
    February 9, 2024
    ISBN: 9781738428908
    Genres: Contemporary Fantasy, Mythic Fantasy, Action-Adventure

    Ancient and unknown forces have been unleashed in war-ravaged Iraq.

    When Elliott Gildart decides to join an archeological dig in the drylands of northern Iraq, he expects a break from his monotonous job. But the discovery of an unusual and out-of-place megalithic platform turns exploration into a risky undertaking and leaves Elliott facing a future he’s not sure he’s prepared for.

    Meanwhile, Neil Feaver and his cameraman, Jake Parvis, stumble upon their own strange developments while filming a documentary about Iraq’s ongoing civil war. Saved from imminent danger by a mysterious stranger, they soon learn that lost magic and mystical artifacts have fallen into the wrong hands. Now, everyone finds themselves caught in the crisis, involving coalition forces, Islamist militants, and enigmatic factions that have existed since the times of the Ancient Near East.

    As terrifying forces align, can they prevent impending peril? Or will ancient magic be enough to turn the tides?


    About the Author

    A self-described amateur scholar, Dennis Tsarson has been interested in the world’s mythology and folklore traditions since reading Greek myths as a boy. That interest grew into an undergraduate degree in history and archeological training, which he incorporates into his fantasy retellings while travelling the globe. When he’s not writing or exploring new countries and their cultural histories, you can find him settled in the United Kingdom, studying the comparative tendencies in folktales around the world.

    Dennis Tsarson