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    Christian Thriller – Second Chance Killer By Bradley Cornish

    Second Chance Killer
    By Bradley Cornish
    Publisher: Prodigious Publishing
    Published: Sep 13, 2023
    ISBN: 9798218233167
    Genre: Christian Thriller

    You can’t turn back time, but you CAN turn back to Christ!

    Damon Faulkner is trapped in a nightmare he can’t escape. A lifelong struggle with sleepwalking lands him in the middle of a murder investigation – and he’s the main suspect. Despite having no memory of the crime, Damon fights for his life against a drunken detective determined to close his one-hundredth career case.

    As Damon awaits trial, he discovers unsettling secrets about Jekyll Island’s past and realizes he may have been set up. He must stay awake to clear his name before it’s too late. But can he prove his innocence and reveal the truth about his sleepwalking? Damon discovers that when it comes to redemption, he can’t turn back time, but he can turn back to faith in Christ in a thrilling, suspenseful quest to clear his name.

    Second Chance Killer is a Faith-based thriller that combines the fast-paced action of a thriller with the immersive world-building of a mystery. It explores guilt, redemption, and the search for the truth.

    Prepare yourself for a gripping journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final revelation.

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    About the Author

    Bradley Cornish is a freelance author and ghostwriter whose faith-based works seek to thrill and inspire all audiences. A brain tumor survivor, Cornish’s mindful writing continued to connect him to audiences as he battled to regain his speech.


    Bradley Cornish