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    Cancer Simply Explained: What Is Cancer and What Can We Do Against It? By Dr. Visar Vela

    Cancer Simply Explained
    What Is Cancer and What Can We Do Against It?
    By Dr. Visar Vela
    Independently Published
    November 11, 2023
    ISBN: 9798870196817
    Health, Medicine

    Cut Through the Jargon and Finally Understand Cancer
    Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world. It can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere. But what if you could arm yourself with the latest scientific knowledge and practical strategies to prevent, detect and treat cancer?

    This book is for anyone interested in learning more about the disease in a simple and easy-to-understand manner without losing scientific and medical accuracy. It contains simple terminologies and relatable illustrations to help explain cancer from its conception. Furthermore, it has many analogies to the real world that we haven’t seen before in this way in any cancer book.

    That’s exactly what this book will teach you: a complete and easy-to-follow guide to cancer, written by three renowned experts in the field. In this book, you will learn:

    The basics of cancer biology, genetics and cell cycle
    The common risk factors and causes of cancer and how to avoid them
    The best ways to screen for cancer and the different diagnostic methods available
    The meaning and implications of cancer grading and staging
    The most effective and cutting-edge therapies for cancer and how they work
    The challenges and solutions for coping with cancer physically and emotionally
    The importance and benefits of nutrition and physical activity for cancer patients and survivors
    The steps and tips for planning for life after cancer and preventing recurrence

    Whether you are a cancer patient, a survivor, a caregiver, or just someone who wants to learn more about this complex and fascinating topic, this book is for you. It will empower you with the information and tools you need to fight cancer and live a healthier and happier life.

    Don’t let cancer scare you or confuse you. Order your copy today and discover the secrets to understanding and beating this disease.

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    About the Author
    Dr. Visar Vela is a medical diagnostic assistant. His passion for cancer research and diagnostics arose while working on his master’s thesis, when he researched blood cancer in Adrian Ochsenbein’s lab at the University of Bern. During his Ph.D. in biological medicine, he uncovered the mutational landscape of a rare lymphoma type at the Department of pathology in Basel under Stefan Dirnhofer and Alexandar Tzankov. By writing this book, he hopes that the reader will get the best possible information about cancer development and cancer diagnostics.

    Besides having a passion for cancer research, Dr. Vela loves jogging, sailing, and cycling. In 2019, he participated in many running and cycling activities and covered 1000 km in each discipline. He grew up in the lovely Swiss Alps, in the Valais. He still has his most creative phases at the airport. He says that airports are great sources of problems that need solving, such as cancer research