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    Art of Grey Area Thinking By Jimmy from The Good Fight

    Art of Grey Area Thinking
    By Jimmy from The Good Fight
    Publisher: Grey World
    Published Date: June 6, 2023
    ISBN: 9798988618614
    Genre: Self Help

    Tired of being forced to pick a shitty side or shut the hell up? In a world run by extremists, it pays to be abusive and manipulative. But they are no match for a true grey area thinker. Arm yourself with this next generation mindset.

    Grey area thinking teaches you how to navigate chaos. With that power, comes the ability to dismantle extremist ideologies, making you a voice of reason and the perfect mentor for future generations.

    But that’s not all, your mental health, strategic aptitude, and creative problem-solving skills will skyrocket. You’ll be a paragon of balance between strength and flexibility. With that supple excellence, you’ll innovate, lead, and disrupt. And if you wish (and I hope you do)…you’ll truly help create a better world.

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    About the Author
    Jimmy Grey is a fool who does his best to be less of a fool each day. He wrote “Art of Grey Area Thinking” after traveling to war zones to serve as a humanitarian. Spending time in a warzone was the ultimate grey area experience for Jimmy, who had already spent his life navigating chaos.

    Although Jimmy comes from an academic background and is thorough with his research, he throws that shit out the window when he begins writing. He is at his best when he is unhinged. His rawness comes from a multitude of life experiences: combat sports, humanitarian work, journalism, design strategy, battling mental illness, escaping cults, surviving a mass shooting, and more.

    Aby Richard is one of the highest-rated freelance editors in the Fiverr online community. She brought much-needed British discipline to “Art of Grey Area Thinking.” Her calm, gentle character anchored Jimmy’s reckless energy and allowed him to stay unleashed without hurting himself.

    Ulyana Dikhtyar is a young Ukrainian design prodigy who lives 15 miles away from the Russian front lines. She designed the cover art for the “Art of Grey Area Thinking” while facing daily bombardment from Russian missiles, artillery, and rocket fire. She experienced frequent blackouts, water, and gas shortages.

    At one point, Ulyana was sleeping outside due to air anxiety (the fear of being trapped in should a bomb hit your house).

    Dmytro (Dmitri) Soloviov is a Ukrainian artist living in Italy. He has worked at every level of illustration.

    Many years ago, he was friends with now-Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensk. Young Zelenksy was first starting out his comedic career. Their friendship ended when Dmytro almost got his future president killed in a reckless driving incident.