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Amazon Book Listing Optimization

We’ve had authors ask us to help them optimize their book listing on amazon to help with sales and exposure.

We are certified Amazon Optimization Specialists who have help hundreds of authors not only optimize their amazon listing but reach the Amazon Best Seller list.

There are so  many things needed to optimize your listing:

  • Choosing the correct categories
  • Formatting the correct keywords
  • Creating a Book Description that not only looks and sounds great – but also includes keywords
  • A+ Content

We will first look at your listing and give it an optimization score – then we will optimize so you have the best shot at not only reaching the best seller list but also at getting Amazon’s algorithms working for your book.

Here is what we will do:

  • Develop a cohesive plan to help market your book
  • Research and implement the most effective keywords (7 long tail) and categories (3 – with at least one low competition category) for your book
  • Analyze your competitors and develop strategies to surpass their success
  • Optimize your Book Description and Amazon listing for maximum exposure
  • Give tips, advice and resources to help market your book
  • Offer Amazon specific advice on how to reach the best-seller list
  • Create at least two A+ Content Modules for your book (we can also help install this if needed)
  • and much, much more…

Are you ready to get your Amazon Book Listing working for you?

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