ABC’s with Rhea: A Doggie Journey Through the Alphabet By G.D Griffiths

Helping children learn the alphabet in a fun and adventurous manner

ABC’s with Rhea
A Doggie Journey Through the Alphabet
By G.D Griffiths
Independently Published
December 11, 2023
ISBN: 9781917007849
Children’s Book

Delve into the delightful world of letters alongside Rhea, the adventurous German Shepherd! In G.D Griffiths’ “ABC’s with Rhea: A Doggie Journey Through the Alphabet,” young readers embark on a vibrant and lively expedition through the ABCs. Rhea’s boundless energy and enthusiasm turn each letter into a thrilling discovery, transforming the learning process into an exciting escapade. From A to Z, this charming book captures the essence of education and entertainment.

So get ready to wag your tails in excitement, as you uncover the magic of language with Rhea, your lovable furry friend!

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About the Author:
G.D. Griffiths currently lives in Redondo Beach, California, with his wife, eleven-year-old son and, of course, Rhea, the insatiable German Shepherd.

Originally from Wales, G.D. has always loved stories and creating worlds of imagination. Having worked with children for a number of years, he observed that their learning process was quicker when the subject was crafted within some type of story. This is what led to this book.

When he’s not writing, he’ll either be out exploring with his family, floating on his kayak seeking inspiration, or brushing the relentless amount of dog hair from his clothes and furniture.



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