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Book ReviewsWe’ve had many authors come to us over the years asking us to help them get more reviews. Getting reviews is a tricky process. With all of the rules and guidelines on Amazon about review swaps and friends leaving reviews, it’s sometimes hard for indie authors to get the reviews they deserve.

We’ve created a campaign to help authors get more reviews.

Read For Review – For Fiction Titles Only – Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, YA, Fantasy and Sci-fi

We will be reaching out to reviewers and bloggers who we’ve worked with in the past and offer a review copy in exchange for a review. Most of our reviewers only review fiction, so we unfortunately cannot offer this service for non-fiction titles.

reviewsWe will handle the requests and we will handle the follow up.

With this service we will guarantee a certain number of reviews within a certain amount of time. If you don’t receive the reviews we will refund half of your purchase price.

It’s a lot of work on our part, but it’s a great reward for the authors.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee all positive reviews. We work to ensure that each reviewer enjoys the genre of your book, but if they don’t like the story, we cannot ask them to leave a positive review. That is unethical and we are not an unethical company.

We can simply help you reach reviewers and readers who are willing to leave a review.


$125 for at least 10 reviews.

Time Frame:

All reviews must be posted within 45 days of receipt of the order and payment. If the number of reviews you purchase aren’t received in that time frame, we will refund half of your purchase price.

What we need from you?

The order form below and a pdf, epub, and/or mobi file of the book.  The more options you give reviewers, the more people we normally have who request the book.

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