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Thanksgiving Week, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday Promotional Opportunity

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Your book will reach over 50,000 readers & book lovers who have signed up to receive a daily newsletter/email of free & discounted ebooks.

We will also be advertising your ebook on Facebook, Twitter, and other online reader newsletters for a maximum exposure of over 100,000+ readers.

We only have space for 2-3 ebooks each day. (depends on genre and price)

Books MUST be priced between $.00 (free) and $2.99 on the day of the promotion. (Note: books priced $.99 or Free often do better with these promotions)

Only one book per author during this promotional period.

The first to sign up will get their choice of days. Once you submit the form, we will get your book scheduled within 5 business days and email you the availability you have.

** Please Note – these promotions work best for all fiction genres, cookbooks, parenting/family, and self-help books. We cannot guarantee a certain number of sales, but your book will reach 50,000+ readers.

In our email to readers, we will include the book’s title, genre, cost, and links to purchase. Readers can also click on the book and then be forwarded to a page that will also have a description of the book. If other newsletters also pick up your book through our marketing efforts, those listings will look differently, but will be about the same information.

Example Online Listing:


The email newsletter listing is for only one day during the promo period, but the book’s listing will remain online indefinitely.

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