Online Book Blitz

For Fiction  and Self-Help Titles Only

Many authors want to promote their book to as many online resources as possible. They aren’t interested in press releases or contacting bookstores or libraries – They Want To Reach Readers and FAST.

We Can Help!

With this Online Book Blitz we will promote your book to as many online resources as we can to get blogs and websites to either host your book, list your book on their website, list your book in their email to subscribers and/or review your book.

We guarantee that at least 30 websites will include your book within 45 days!

Your book will be listed on our website as well!

30 Websites in 45 Days Guaranteed. – Many books are getting 40-50 sites who are including them!

If you are running a freebie or discount during the 45 days, please let us know so we can include that with our posts.

We will send a report between 40 and 45 days after the start of the promotion with the list of sites who posted your book.

If you’ve already purchased a blog blitz for a book, we will be unable to run this service on the same book.

Cost – $89

If you are looking with more promotion +  a NetGalley listing to reach over 200,000 booksellers, librarians, media professionals and reviewers/bloggers check out our 30 Day Book Blitz + NetGalley for Only $150. That’s a $49 savings.

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