Marketing to Book Reviewers, Media Professionals, Librarians and Booksellers

Market Your Book To Book Reviewers, Media Professionals, Librarians and Booksellers

Get More Exposure for your book by marketing your book directly to contacts who are interested in your genre.

Your book will be available to over 250,000 librarians, booksellers, book reviewers and media professionals.

What we will do:

  • We will distribute a press release online for your book.
  • We will make your book available for reviewers, media professionals, librarians, and booksellers to download and look at for 10 days. (We will need a pdf copy of your book for this)
  • We will send a marketing piece to 2000 librarians and 1000+ booksellers in our personal database.
  • We will send you contacts of who has requested your book.

We  will include the book cover, title, author, publisher, release date, pages, genre, ISBN and/or ASIN numbers and description in the marketing piece.

We will also include an author and/or publisher website along with ordering information, such as wholesalers, distributors or publisher page. We will provide a link to one or two sources (such as your website, your book on your publisher’s website or other site that you ask us to link to), as well as an author bio in marketing piece and press release.

If your book has received editorial reviews, we can include those as well.

We only have a limited number of slots for this service so get your order in early. We will schedule your promotion with promotion within 1-3 weeks. Your book will be promoted separately from any other books, so we schedule each book for a different day of promotion.

Cost Only $99.95

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