Book Expo America 2017 – Exhibit Your Book

beaExhibit Your Book at Book Expo America  2017

BookExpo – May 31 – June 2, 2017
BookCon – June 3-4, 2017
New York, NY

The Largest Book Event In The U.S. is Heading Back to New York City!!!

Reach over 11,000 Book Industry Professionals & 10,000+ Readers/Consumers in ONE Place – Book Expo America 2017

Exhibit Your Print and/or eBook in the New Title Showcase!!

The New Title Showcase at BookExpo America (BEA) is the #1 place to launch your new print or ebook title or exhibit and get attention for a back list title. Created in partnership with Combined Book Exhibit (CBE), the New Title Showcase provides you a venue on the BEA show floor to launch your new titles and put your books in the hands of 11,000+ BEA attendees plus 20,000 consumers at BookCon.

bea2Benefits Include:

  • Massive exposure to tens of thousands of book buyers and consumers.
  • High visibility location next to the popular author signing area.
  • Full face-out display of your title. Print books are displayed by author on bookshelves. eBooks will have a print out of the cover on the bookshelves and a preview represented on one of many large monitors!
  • Inclusion in New Title Showcase printed catalog.
  • Online listing in searchable New Title Showcase including the Look Inside the Book feature where you can showcase a limited number of pages from your book online.
  • Print books will be displayed on a shelf with other BookBuzz titles and will be separate from other books listed by author to give you more exposure.
  • eBooks will have a print out of the cover on the bookshelves and a preview represented on one of many large monitors!

youbookDEADLINE – April 30th – 5 pm EST for orders

Print Books Must be Received by May 5th. Ebooks must be received by April 30th 5 pm EST

eBook Display in the New Title Showcase

The New Title Showcase ebook display gives attendees the ability to see books that you have available in various e-formats, or even those not yet printed.

The eBook section of the New Title Showcase will feature large monitors that will show each book’s cover, more information on each title, and preview pages. We will need a JPG of the cover and a PDF of the manuscript and the eBook system automatically converts it into the format used for the exhibit.

Onsite attendees can choose to learn more about any (or all) title(s) by checking boxes for each on the monitor and entering their email address where they will receive a personalized catalog containing more information on each book they’ve selected.

beapic3Please note: The e-versions presented here are not printable, savable, or able to be copied, and no book can be read in its entirety.

Why order with BookBuzz instead of directly with the New Title Showcase?

  • The prices are the same – you don’t pay more by registering with us or directly
  • Get a Better Location For Your Book. Our books are not mixed in with other books. We have our own shelves and your book will be separate from all the other titles listed in ABC order by author.
  • By Registering with us, the first 20 orders will Get The Following FREE Bonus – Choose either a FREE 15 day listing on NetGalley that will run within 1-2 months of your order date (we will need a pdf file of your book for this) or a free press release or informative email (that you provide us with) sent to 1000+ booksellers.

Only $315 for listing one print or ebook version


$525 to showcase the print version and ebook version of the same book.

The prices are the same as last year’s.

Order Now!!!

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