Book Expo America – Daily Show Advertising Special

Advertise in the Book Expo America Daily Show

The Book Expo America Daily Show is a large publication that is distributed at Book Expo America. Around 11,000 book industry professionals (booksellers, librarians, media professionals, publishers, writers and more) will be in attendance.

The Daily Show lets attendees learn about whats going on during the day at Book Expo, new books that are available and serves as a great introduction for authors to present their book(s). It is the go-to guide at Book Expo.

It is 11.25 x 15.25 publication.

Everyone grabs a copy of the Book Expo Show Daily to know what’s going on each day at Book Expo.

The most influential traffic-driving tool for each day at BEA. Influence the best among trade buyers and decision makers!

bea daily show 2

We will be purchasing a couple of ads during the event. One during Book Expo for industry professionals. And one during Book Con for readers which has a distribution of about 20,000 readers/buyers.

Advertisers continually turn to this highly anticipated resource delivered to each booth and into the hands of trade attendees each morning before the show starts!

We announce books, signings, specials and more in our ads.

Whether or not you are exhibiting a book at Book Expo or not (if you want to exhibit you can exhibit in the New Title Showcase Learn more…), advertise with us to reach more book buyers, librarians, and industry professionals. Not everyone stops by all the books, but almost everyone at Book Expo will grab a copy of the Book Expo America Show Daily publication. It contains the who, when and where of each days events and giveaways.

Imagine having your book, in full color there for all to see and all to take back to their hotel and read and for most, back home to look through after the craziness of Book Expo.

Your book will appear in the Daily Show only on one day during Book Expo America or Book Con.

This is a great way to get maximum exposure for your book.

There are TWO kinds of ads:

For the LARGE ads, we normally show about 10-12 books on a full page ad. The ad will include a full color book cover of your book, along with the title, author name, publisher name, isbn and/or asin number, a web address, and a description. $300 per book.

The SMALL ads will only include your book cover, title, and author name. This is great for authors who want to advertise their book on a small budget. $100 per book.

These will be smaller ads in our full page ad section.

Your book will be advertised either on June 1st or June 2nd (during Book Expo) or on Saturday June 3rd during ReaderCon (the consumer part of Book Expo). Let us know if you have a preference of Book Expo or Reader Con.

The larger ads ($300) will appear similar to this but will also include the publisher name and ISBN number:

The $100 small Ads will appear similar to this:


Deadline April 25th or whenever space fills up. First come first serve. We only have a limited spots for books.

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