YA Science Fiction – The Ghost of Sephera

The Ghost of SepheraThe Ghost of Sephera
Theodore Crane YA Sci-fi Series, Book Two
By J.D. Tew
Published: November 2014
ISBN: 978-1503236295
Pages: 417
Genre: YA Science Fiction

In a volatile Galaxy that is light-years from Earth, Theodore Crane thrusts himself and his broken crew into desolate conditions, vowing to find two valuable allies who were lost in battle.

Meanwhile, the war between two all-powerful demigods continues–the tyrannical Odion spreads his empire and the despotic Zane stalks Theodore through a shroud of resistance known as the Opposition.

Due to recent failures, the Opposition must retrench in order to rid the universe of the two demigods who are threatening the freedoms of the Galaxy. Theodore must help the Opposition’s freedom fighters find hope.

Along his journey, Theodore and his crew learn of an all-powerful omnipotent mainframe, Eppa. Records of her existence suggest that she sees and records everything. If Theodore can locate Eppa, he may shift the fate of the Galaxy.

The Ghost of Sephera is a rollicking space adventure to be enjoyed by readers age twelve and up, and explores universal questions such as: Do incredible nano-engineered particles with great intelligence have the same freedoms and rights as the peoples of the galaxy? If time travel was a reality throughout the galaxy, how do we hunt down and apprehend violators? Is a vast repository with unlimited knowledge, one that records every single second since the beginning of Time and discerns every decision ever made, too powerful to exist?

The Ghost of Sephera 2The Acolytes of Crane
Theodore Crane YA Sci-fi Series, Book One
By J.D. Tew
ISBN: 978-1482547580
Published: February 2013
Pages: 352
Genre: YA Science Fiction

Theodore Crane finds solace in goofy everyday pranks, in order to cope with living under the shadow of an abusive father and dealing with a belligerent bully who seeks him out at school.

One day, intervention from outer space strikes as a mysterious amulet soars into his room bearing enigmatic clues.

This causes Theodore to question everything about the universe, and the answer comes in the form of two battling intergalactic warlords who, unknown to Theodore, have been analyzing him all his life, fearing that he can unlock the secret to their defeat and demise. But this curiosity over Theodore comes at a price, for many people.

To protect his loved ones, and to avenge what has torn his family apart, Theodore must leave Earth. He is given just fourteen days to assemble a team of trustworthy friends and then convince each one to go with him on this dangerous mission.

About the Author:
The Ghost of Sephera

J. D. Tew is an oddball from Minnesota that has an insatiable passion for writing. He has a degree in Applied Science (no surprise there), and also served as an infantryman in the United States Army, earning numerous commendations. J. D. spends the majority of his days wrangling four kids, cleaning teeth (no, that’s not weird), and creating new worlds through fiction. He’ll never turn down an epic lightsaber battle with his kids.

His first book The Acolytes of Crane was written from the complex mind of a veteran with extensive experience in combat and knowledge in areas of Science. J. D. places the majority of his writing efforts into creating characters and worlds that are unique and engrossing, while fabricating plots that evoke emotion from mystery and twists.

Justin’s latest project is a realistic science fiction novel that takes place on Earth, in the not so distant future, which should arrive in the spring or summer of 2015.

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