Political Suspense/Thriller – Games of Mind

Games of MindGames of Mind
By Dennis Quiles
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 978-1491705520
Pages: 326
Genre: Political Thriller, Political Suspense

When former naval intelligence officer Jack Steele opens a letter from his aunt, he makes an immediate decision to head to Nome, Alaska. Although he hasn’t seen Marie in twenty years, he’s concerned when she tells him her husband, Uncle Jimmy, is in trouble. From the moment Jack picks up that envelope, he knows he’s about to enter a situation better left alone. But loyalty to family is stronger than a gut feeling.

Jack, a private investigator with Connor, Steele & Harrison Private Investigation Agency lands in Nome and discovers that Lindberg Research Corporation has been using the people of that city as guinea pigs to perfect mind-control research. He has stumbled onto a massive conspiracy that has held hostage the noble people of Nome. The plot threatens America’s way of life, the life of the vice president of the United States, and Jack’s own survival.

Alone and without his usual resources and special equipment, Jack is over matched and is nearly killed before he can even scratch the surface of what’s really taking place in Nome. Jack must elude an ex-Special Forces Green Beret—a man who has sworn over his dead son to kill Jack—and work around local law enforcement and other mysterious forces in order to save the people of Nome and the vice president of the United States.




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Games of Mind Author - Dennis QuilesAbout the Author:
Dennis Quiles earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a master’s degree in business administration. A US military veteran and a veteran of the protection business, he is the director of global security services for one of the world’s largest multinational corporations. Quiles and his wife have three children and currently live in Illinois.

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Psychological Thriller – Emancipation

By Jo Michaels
Published: March 22, 2016
ISBN: 978-1517463663
Pages: 442
Genre: Psychological Thriller

From award-winning author Jo Michaels comes a gripping psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Tobias Butler is planning to murder the beautiful attorney, Jessica, who’s promising to get him released from prison. See what happens as he manipulates her into believing in love, second chances, and justice for the wrongfully accused. She wants his love, and he wants her soul. What will happen when she sets him free?

You’ll pray he doesn’t get the girl.

emancipation media kit
Emancipation Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Emmancipation AuthorJo Michaels is…

Hi, I’m Jo. Let’s forget all the “Jo Michaels is blah, blah, blah” stuff and just go with it. I’m a voracious reader (often reading more than one book at a time), a writer, a book reviewer, a mom, a wife, and one of the EICs at INDIE Books Gone Wild. I have an almost photographic memory and tend to make people cringe at the number of details I can recall about them and/or their book(s). My imagination follows me around like a conjoined twin and causes me to space out pretty often or laugh out loud randomly in completely inappropriate situations.

One of my favorite things is hearing from fans! You can find me on social media most any day of the week. Connect! I’d love to hear from you.

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Psychological Thriller – A Thin Line

A Thin LineA Thin Line
David Boiani
Published: February 2016
ISBN: 978-1519167088
Pages: 226
Genre: Psychological Thriller

John Corbin has been investigating, catching, and convicting murderers, rapists, and pedophiles for twenty years as a Seattle detective. But lately, someone has been beating him to the punch and eliminating these vile criminals before he can apprehend them. John is learning that there is a thin line between innocent or guilty, good or evil, alive or dead.

By definition, a thin line is a very narrow division between two alternatives. Some being exact opposites, while others are separated by the narrowest of threads. This novel follows this definition to the letter. In life, many situations aren’t just black or white. There is usually a modicum of grey to fill in the space. Who is right? Who is wrong? Who is good? Who is evil? Perhaps everyone at one time or another lies somewhere in the middle….

A Thin Line is a tale that will immediately draw you in and keep you guessing. A suspenseful psychological thriller with twists and turns that will toy with your mind and emotions, driven by a chilling narrative that builds the tension right up until its explosive conclusion.

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A Thin Line AuthorAbout the Author:
David Boiani is an American author from Coventry Rhode Island. “A Thin Line” is his first book.



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Psychological Suspense – The Thundering

The ThunderingThe Thundering
By Megan Davidson
Publisher: Champlain Avenue Books
Published: September 2015
ISBN: 978-1943063093
Pages: 288
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Psychological Suspense, Women’s Suspense

The Thundering is the story of psychologist Cathy Morgen, who encounters the most challenging case of her career very early one morning in 1961 at Summerhaven Mental Hospital.  Joseph, a teenage boy who has been admitted on an emergency basis, is behaving exactly like a frightened horse — kicking, neighing and biting.  What has caused this apparent delusion?  Can Joseph be restored to humanity?  Cathy has no answers, but she is determined to find them.  Not only does she feel compassion for Joseph, but she hopes that treating him will help her overcome her guilt at failing to save a similar young patient.  Assisting Cathy is her flighty teenage daughter Suzie, who is entranced by the idea of helping Joseph. Opposing Cathy and her attempts to solve the mystery of the horse-boy are an arrogant psychiatrist; Summerhaven’s genial but deceptive director, and Cathy’s own husband, Dan, who longs for a conventional marriage.

Attempted escapes, brilliant insights, shocking confessions and unthinkable acts of betrayal all play a role in helping Cathy discover Joseph’s traumatic past and heal his broken psyche.  She will pay a significant price for his return to the world of humans.

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The Thundering authorAbout the Author:
Megan Davidson is the author of 3 historical romances, all published by Kensington Publishing.  She has also co-authored 2 books on fiction writing with author Cynthia Sterling.  A long-time editor for a small publishing house in Pittsburgh, PA, Megan currently teaches fiction at the Downtown Writers Center is Syracuse, NY.  She has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh.

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Psychological Thriller/Mystery – The Mercy

The MercyThe Mercy
By Barbara DeShong
Published: August 2015
ISBN: 978-0692492123
Pages: 316
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Mystery

Suicide doesn’t happen in good families. Never when both parents are mental health professionals. But it did. Convinced the suicide was her fault, psychologist Jessica LeFave is immobilized with guilt. And now her best friend, the one who asked to speak with her last night and Jessica put off, is found murdered, her body on an altar to Santa Muerte. While the police insist her death is one more drug-trafficking casualty, Jessica believes the murder is connected to Camilla’s emotional instability or her work with child prostitutes in Mexico City’s infamous La Merced. She collects her off-the-bubble sidekick lawyer and heads over the border where she teams up with the gorgeous and exciting dedicated ‘revolutionary’ she met on her friend’s wedding weekend. Jessica has no idea that her search will reveal a shocking secret and mark her for death.

The Mercy Sell Sheet (pdf)

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The Mercy AuthorAbout the Author:
Barbara DeShong, Ph.D. is a psychologist in private practice in Austin, Texas. She lives with her psychologist husband and a couple of dogs who, every morning, persuade her to ignore the pains of a colorful list of disorders and claim the new day.  Barbara writes mysteries for the same reasons she chose psychology. She loves stories and is constitutionally unable to stay out of other people’s business.   Online, Dr. DeShong is known online as MysteryShrink—A Psychologist on the Loose. MysteryShrink.com is her ‘pay it forward’ on what works and what doesn’t work in psychology with a humorous slant.  “If you don’t take life seriously, it isn’t worth living.  If you only take life seriously, it isn’t worth living.”

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