Contemporary Romance/Sports Romance – After The Rain

After the RainAfter The Rain
One Pass Away, Book 1
By Mary J. Williams
Publisher: Brooks Publications
Published: Februray 2016
ISBN: 978-0996814256
ASIN: B018O91ZW0
Pages: 179
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Welcome to the NFL.
The Seattle Knights have the hottest players in the game. On and off the field.


Logan Price is getting a second chance.
Claire Thornton is going to make sure it counts.

Logan Price was living his dream. After years of hard work he finally made it. Starting running back for the Knights.

After only a few games, he was a fan favorite. There were whispers of a rookie of the year award.

It all ended with a devastating injury to his leg that sent him back to Oklahoma. A failed attempt at a comeback sent him into a deep depression.

His life became about two things. Working at his father’s bar, and running. One filled his days. The other made getting through the endless nights a little easier.

When an old friend offers Logan a lifeline, he’s reluctant to grab hold. He could live without football–barely. But he didn’t think he could survive getting his hopes up only to lose it all again.

Claire Thornton’s dreams are just as big as Logan’s. She left the small town where she was born, to make something of herself. It hasn’t been easy. A woman with no money and no connections. Everything she has, she’s earned. Helping Logan Price get back to the NFL will prove to her detractors that she can be a trainer. She is determined to make it in a male-dominated world.

The attraction is instantaneous.

The reasons not to get involved too numerous to list.

It only takes one kiss–one touch–for them to realize if they want their dreams to come true they need more than luck. They need each other.

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About the Author:
Dreaming With A Broken Heart AuthorMary J. Williams is an author from Washington State who went to school in a small town on the Columbia River. She loves writing, reading, and football.  She always wanted to write a novel and she always knew it would be a romance novel. But it wasn’t until her favorite football team lost the Super Bowl on the last play with an interception, that this dream began to come to fruition. She was so depressed that she tuned out all the media. Without television, internet, or newspapers, she had nothing else to do, so she sat down and started writing. Her first romance series, Harper Falls contains four books. Mary has released two new series in 2016, Hollywood Legends and One Pass Away (which combines her love of football with her love of romance).

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Parenting – Prescription (RX) For Parenting

Prescription (RX) For ParentingPrescription (RX) For Parenting
How to Raise Healthy Infants and Children
By Charlotte E. Thompson, M.D.
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc
Published: September 2015
ISBN: 978-1620230367
Pages: 156
Genre: Parenting

Prescription (RX) for Parenting contains wise advice and vital information from a Top pediatrician about raising infants, pre-schoolers and children.

Each page of Dr.Thompson’s book contains practical information presented in a clear, easily accessible manner. Real case histories are given to illustrate the author’s points. The book has been receiving rave reviews.

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Prescription (RX) For Parenting authorAbout the Author:  
Dr. Thompson has been a practicing pediatrician for 50 years. She has a B.A. and M.D. for Stanford University and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. She is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at UCSD Medical School.



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Action Thriller – Somali Dawn

Somali DawnSomali Dawn
By Charles Joseph
Publisher: XTL Publishing
Pages: 236
Genre: Action/Adventure Thriller

Disgraced ex-SAS soldier Jack Kearns has a new job; rescuing ships kidnapped by ruthless Somali pirates. Failure means death but success is almost as dangerous as Jack makes deadly, implacable enemies at every turn. But it’s the rescue of a beautiful young woman that finally unleashes a horde of enemies after the Englishman, and pirates become the least of his worries. Jack must uncover her secret to figure out why so many powerful men want her dead…and he must do it quickly, before he becomes one of the myriad dead men in her wake.

Somali Dawn is a taut, fast-paced thriller set in the bloodiest. most dangerous land in Africa.

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About the Author:
Charles Joseph is an ex-Special Forces soldier who travels the world looking for trouble. He is rarely disappointed. He is currently believed to be somewhere in the Congo. His publishers are not in any way concerned about his wellbeing, though they profess a certain sympathy for the local bandits.

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YA/NA Sci-fi Dystopian – INSIDE the Wall

Inside the WallINSIDE the Wall
The War in the Wall Series, Book 1
Author A. Lotus
Publisher: Lotus Books
Published: July 2015
Pages: 233
Genre: YA/New Adult series/suspense/sci-fi/dystopian

What if everyone just stopped caring? What sort of world would we create for future generations?

Letha and Nathan were best friends just as were their mothers before them. Soon, however, two dictators overthrow the city, take the children captive, kill the opposing parents and then brainwash, train, and sculpt these children into soldiers. At first, Letha rejects the new life she leads, staying strong only to protect those younger than her. She is then given the ultimate task: kill Nathan; if she does not, everyone, including herself, will die.

In a world where no one cares, Letha struggles against herself to do the right thing. Ultimately, she has to make a choice, save herself or drown in the codependency of one young boy who has become brainwashed and hardened into the dictator’s web. No matter what choice she makes, she will have to lose someone that she loves.

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Other books in The War in the Wall Series:

Outside the WallOUTSIDE the Wall
The War in the Wall Series, Book 2
By A. Lotus
Publisher: Lotus Books
Published: August 2015

Can you take a monster and place them into society?

Dr. Albert Roth is thrown into a world of psychological terror when he’s directed to council the youth who have survived life behind the walls.He thinks their stories of war are traumatic, that is, until, some of the youth decides to keep him as their own.

About the Author:
Lotus is merely the pen name for a dreamer–a writer who can’t keep her head out of the clouds.

Since childhood, Lotus has spent most of her waking hours devoted to scribbling stories.

She isn’t like you and I. Even her air is different for she “breathes novels”. The world she belongs to is nothing like this one. It is a place where only the eccentric venture. And, of course a few brave readers…

“There is no law but that with which we put upon ourselves,” Lotus sighs, “and the laws to which we allow others to set for us.”

“Don’t be afraid of who or what you are. Embrace it. For the stranger you are, the better the story.”

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Suspense – A Secret to the Grave

A Secret to the GraveA Secret to the Grave
By Jane Blythe
Publisher: Bear Spots Publications
ISBN: 978-0992418014
Pages: 260
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Suspense

A suicide.

A secret.

To the grave.

That was the promise that ten girls made many years ago, and now the time has come when they will be forced to make a choice. Keep the secret and lose their lives, or reveal it and risk the lives of others.

Detective Parker Bell has just returned to work after shooting dead a killer, when he and his partner land the case of a young woman abducted by a man who has left a list of clues pointing to nine other women he plans to kill.

Throughout the course of the investigation Parker meets Tessa Micah, a potential victim and the most interesting, striking, infuriating woman he has ever met, she awakens something inside of him that he thought was long dead.

When Tessa refuses to shed any light on why she is in the sights of a serial killer its up to Parker to find the madman before he can bring his plan to fruition, leaving ten dead women in his wake.

A Secret to the Grave Media Kit
A Secret to the Grave Media Kit (pdf)

Other Books in the Detective Parker Bell Series:

A Secret to the Grave2Winter Wonderland
Detective Parker Bell, Book Two
Publisher: Bear Spots Publications
ISBN: 978-0992418007
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Suspense

The spine-tinglingly gripping sequel to ‘A Secret to the Grave’

Winter is approaching and serial killer, The Iceman, is emerging from hibernation to once again rule the winter with theatrical and brutal murders.

With the city in the grips of Iceman fuelled terror, Detective Parker Bell is handed the task of finding a killer who is meticulous enough to leave behind no physical evidence and self-controlled enough to lie dormant through spring, summer and fall.

As he hunts the Iceman, Detective Parker Bell must also balance his fledgling relationship with Tessa Micah, who is still struggling to deal with the emotional backlash of her own encounter with a madman. When Tessa stumbles upon the killer’s identity things spiral out of control, irrevocably changing Parker’s world forever.

A Secret to the Grave3Dead or Alive
Detective Parker Bell, Book 3
Publisher: Bear Spots Publications
ISBN: 978-0992418021
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Suspense

The bone-chilling sequel to ‘A Secret to the Grave’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’

Twenty-one years ago a terrified little girl shot dead a man.

Lila and Eric Abbott’s world spins out of control in an instant when their young son is shot and their infant daughter abducted in a seemingly random car jacking.

While working on the case Detective Parker Bell disappears without a trace leaving, his friends and family, including new wife Tessa, frantic to find out what has happened to him.

Pregnant with their first child Tessa clings to the belief that her husband would never abandon her, despite the insistence of family and friends that Parker’s recent behavioral changes may mean he has left on purpose.

A husband who’s dead or a husband who’s alive but abandoned her seem to be Tessa’s only choices, until a mysterious stranger enters her life.

A Secret to the Grave4Little Girl Lost
Detective Parker Bell, Book 4
Publisher: Bear Spots Publications
ISBN: 978-0992418045
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Suspense

The heart stopping sequel to ‘A Secret to the Grave’, ‘Winter Wonderland’ and ‘Dead or Alive’

After crashing their car in the woods Detective Parker Bell and his wife Tessa stumble upon a blood splattered child and find themselves thrown headfirst into a nightmare eerily familiar to the one Tessa found herself in sixteen years ago.

Forced to confront a past she would rather forget, every decision Tessa makes could cost her everything she has grown to love.

Faced with several missing children cases he knows are related to Tessa’s childhood nightmare, Parker must decide how hard to push his wife to get the answers he wants, and if he is even ready to face the truth of what happened to Tessa when she was kidnapped as a child.

The revelations will irrevocably change both Parker and Tessa’s lives forever.

A Secret to the Grave5Forgotten
Detective Parker Bell, Book 5
Publisher: Bear Spots Publications
ISBN: 978-0992418052
ASIN: B010W97P1K
Genre: Crime, Mystery, Suspense

The shocking finale to ‘A Secret to the Grave’, ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Dead or Alive’ and ‘Little Girl Lost’

With his relationship to wife, Tessa, strained almost to the point of breaking, Detective Parker Bell finds himself once again becoming too invested in his latest case, that of a young woman who was kidnapped and is suffering from amnesia.

As he becomes intrigued by and attracted to the beautiful and mysterious young woman he names Hope his friends and family feel that he is losing his objectivity, and risking everything he cares about in the process.

Meanwhile Tessa is working to battle her demons and figure out what secrets Hope is hiding before its too late.

Unfortunately Hope’s secrets will end up costing one of them their lives.

A Secret to the Grave AuthorAbout the Author:
Born in Melbourne, Australia, Jane Blythe has had a love of reading and writing since she can remember. She is the author of two crime/mystery series, Detective Parker Bell, and the new series, Count to Ten. Jane also has a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and has been working with children for the last fifteen years, primarily as a preschool teacher. As such she wanted to write a series of books for this age group and created the Victoria Ivory Pearl series, written with grade 5/6 classes as she also wanted to imprint on kids a love of writing and a love of sharing their knowledge with others.

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