Paranormal Mystery – Hanging Tobacco

Hanging TobaccoHanging Tobacco
By Linda S. Browning
Published: June 2017
ISBN: 978-1540728265
Pages: 278
Genre: Paranormal Mystery

Hanging Tobacco is the first book in the Parlor Game Mystery Series. Olivia Honeycutt solved the cold case murder of Sophie Mathews with the help of Sophie’s Ouija board. Now, Olivia and her Nashville detective boyfriend, Presley, tackle the twenty five year old mystery surrounding the death of Henry Meyer. The old man was found hanging from the neck in the rafters of his tobacco barn in Columbia, Tennessee. Was Henry intent on suicide? Or, was it murder? Uncovering the truth behind Henry’s death proves both challenging and life threatening. Not everyone in Columbia wants to know the truth. Olivia takes the Ouija board on the road.


Hanging Tobacco Author Linda S. BrowningAbout the Author:
Linda S. Browning is retired from the University of Tennessee, Office of Research and Social Work. She lives with her husband in Middle Tennessee with their thirty-plus year old amazon parrot. Linda is the author of the laugh-out-loud Leslie & Belinda Mysteries. Her book, Pickett House, has recently received five stars by Reader’s Favorite.

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Dark Humor – Sucker

By Mark Lingane
Publisher: Insync Holdings
Published: March 1, 2015
ISBN: 978-1508455981
ASIN: B00TJ9D802
Pages: 260
Genre: Dark Humor

Like Bogart on some kind of spacey drug in a distant-planet bar, with a hint of Sherlock Holmes and a dash of Bob Arctor. Detective-noir, dieselpunk, vampires, dark comedy. Mix it up and simmer.

Van H. Avram, PI, stumbles from case to case, getting by on his good looks and appeal to desperate dames. But when a missing-person case dumps the body of a skinny blond thing on his doorstep, he finds himself plummeting into the clutches of an underworld intent on human sacrifice.

An ancient evil rises up to destroy the world and, without asking for it, Van is thrust into the role of savior. As reality–and the occasional building–collapses around him, he’s chased, battered, and seduced by demons, vampires and unhinged women, all against a background of a war-ravished world wrapped up in vintage fashions and flying diesel-powered vehicles.

Time ticks down to a do-or-die moment as the fate of the universe is decided in one final battle. But to save the universe, Van must face his own demons and an unremembered past.

Recent Praise for Sucker:

“A brilliantly humorous mashup fantasy-sci-fi-Noir..

Sucker is something of a Bladerunner-style novel, but it has a distinct Bugsy Malone humor to it, with vampires to boot. As usual, Lingane has managed to throw a bunch of genres at the wall and they have melded beautifully into this universe where he is the creator of some pretty amazing sequences. It’s hard to say exactly who would enjoy this book in particular, and actually who wouldn’t, because there’s a whole new ambience going on here that has the sense of a new audience being formed, a new genre being formed somehow. Yes, Lingane is that good.

There’s a Sin City narration to the prose that comic book fans will love, and some real corkers of one-liners, he’s like Bogart on some kind of spacey drug in a distant-planet bar, with a hint of Sherlock Holmes and a dash of Bob Arctor. Thoroughly recommended to anyone who enjoys a detective novel with a twist” –

“It begins as a normal missing person case for PI Van H Avram but then all hell is let loose. Oh yes, the author/genre chameleon Mark Lingane goes back to detective noir/fantasy/sf also raising suspicions that he’s the literary love child of Dashiell Hammett and Neil Gaiman.” – the Bookbag

About the Author:
Sucker AuthorMark Lingane was first published at the ripe old age of eight, when a local newspaper published his review of Disney on Ice. The next time his name was in print was a life time later at the age of fifteen, when a national magazine ran his review of the Commodore 64. It was downhill from there, picking up a weekly column in the Sunday Times which funded a rather noncommittal path through university, studying a wide range of topics from Robotics, Anthropology, Philosophy, Computer Science, and Psychology. In fact so many subjects were studied he was eligible for graduation at the end of his second year, based purely on attendance.

He finally left and joined the corporate world before realizing work isn’t that much fun, and going back to study. Further writing followed with regular columns for various technology magazines and newspapers around the country. Then as the reality of permanent food and shelter began to bare its teeth, another attempt at the corporate world beckoned as a technical writer, which turned out okay. Shifting from technology companies to resource companies provided the opportunity to travel and live in some desolate and exotic locations.

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Murder Mystery/Paranormal Mystery – York Street

York StreetYork Street
A Ghost and A Cop Series
By Jan Walters
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 978-1491743027
Published: September 2014
Pages: 288
Genre: Murder Mystery, Paranormal Mystery

Brett O’Shea, a Des Moines police officer, is trying to make detective and doesn’t believe in the supernatural. Al is an irreverent, rule-breaking ghost. Brett is forced to alter his view of hocus pocus when Al appears and announces that they are going to catch a serial killer. Brett and Al take a ride on a supernatural roller coaster and find danger at every turn. How are they going to catch a killer with strange capabilities? To save the city, Brett and Al become a half-dead crime fighting duo.

York Street Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
York Street AuthorJan Walters and her husband live on a farm in Iowa. She grows produces to sell to local restaurants and farmers markets. Her family has served on the Des Moines Police Department since the late nineteenth century. She is also the author of a time travel romance novel, Believe (ISBN: 978-1475997774).


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