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The Yoga of LeadershipThe Yoga of Leadership
A Practical Guide to Health, Happiness, And Inspiring Total Team Engagement
By Tarra Mitchell
Publisher: BookBaby
Published: December 2017
ISBN: 978-0999508213 (pb)
ISBN: 978-0999508206 (hc)
Pages: 318
Genre: Leadership

Big, bold success in the world begins in the private calm of a serene consciousness. Speaking and acting with control and clarity, the best leaders inspire their organizations to thrive. They establish cultures of wellbeing and purpose. This comprehensive guide to health, wellbeing and principled leadership shows you how to clear your mind, engage your team, and find greater satisfaction in your work and life.

Tarra Mitchell shares exercises to help individuals and groups create an organizational culture that works for everyone – especially Millennials. With a combination of actionable information and personal stories, Tarra demystifies time-honored, ancient teachings and shares them in a light and accessible way. Formative moments in her youth, education, and motherhood bring abstract wisdom down to earth. Her keen and touching reflections remind us of our common humanity and fundamentally similar needs. This book’s approach has the power to build a generation of great, inspiring leaders, transforming lives, organizational cultures, and even societies.

Deep roots in the business and yoga worlds support Tarra’s unconventional but pragmatic look at what it means to be a leader, which ultimately reveals how success is intertwined with personal wellbeing. Drawing on the Upanishads, one of the world’s oldest written spiritual texts, and her own rich life experience, she takes you through an examination of yourself as you create a plan that will enhance your health, happiness, and capacity to lead through principle. This focus on the whole person yields unprecedented levels of success and vitality.

The Yoga of Leadership offers specific tools, techniques, and practices for:

•Managing stress and improving concentration.
•Refining communication and culture.
•Identifying your purpose.

With Tarra’s guidance, you will customize personal practices that work for you. Your practices will help you strengthen your relationships and improve your health and well being. You will return to her words throughout your life as you take on new roles, embrace new challenges, and inspire new constituencies.

Current and future leaders, business school students, and anyone seeking inner calm and purpose cannot afford to miss this book.

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Praise for The Yoga of Leadership:
“The Yoga of Leadership is an informative and thought-provoking complement to books on leadership. Oriented toward individual transformation, Tarra Mitchell shares a morally deep and timely message empowering leaders to raise consciousness through what she calls holistic well being. With the integrity of an insider, she intelligently weaves together the elements necessary to become inspiring leaders in today’s fast paced work environment and offers a convincing case leveraging ancient wisdom, science, and stories. This book has profound implications for how we manage our days, weeks, teams,and organizations.” – John Mackey, Co-Founder and CEO, Whole Foods Market, Co-Author,Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business

“In our 30 years of working with clients on personal finance, we at Edelman Financial know that personal finance is more personal than finance. There is a necessary human element in all business endeavors. Tarra and I share the same language. The Yoga  of Leadership teaches us how to tap into our inner self so we can be the best leader and person we can be. Brava, Tarra!” – Jean Edelman, Co-Founder, Edelman Financial Services, and Author, The Other Side of Money

“The Yoga of Leadership is a deep and meaningful resource with real world applicabil-ity. Tarra Mitchell brings the ancient wisdom of yoga into leadership in a way that will easily resonate. Tarra committed to me many years back that she would bring yoga to the business world in some way and here it is!” – Rolf Gates, Teacher and Author, Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga,Meditations on Intention and Being: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion

The Yoga of Leadership Author - Tarra MitchellAbout the Author:
Born and raised in the friendly town of Pittsburgh, PA, Tarra Mitchell is incorporating her distinctive background in business and yoga to contribute to the great conversation around leadership and consciousness. The Yoga of Leadership demonstrates how personal wellbeing is not only principle centric but also a leading indicator of success at work and in life. The Yoga of Leadership integrates the benefits of yoga into a leadership context in a way that inspires and empowers leaders to lead healthier, happier lives, and better connect with and engage their teams.

Beginning first with the leader’s own experience, the systematic program shared in The Yoga of Leadership has the promise of catalyzing organizational excellence through conscious leadership and well-being. Tarra’s work experience has allowed her to develop relationships with a wide variety of personalities in the global business arena, which was a key to her success. Tarra’s highlights include directing billion-dollar fundraising events and ushering in commitments of capital from institutional investors in the private equity investment sector, forging new business ventures and relationships in Asia and Europe, and advising entrepreneurs and executives on financing and marketing strategies.

A twenty-year practitioner of yoga, Tarra is a registered yoga teacher at the five-hundred-hour level and has studied extensively with master teachers and private mentors to support her research. Tarra’s fascination with human behavior and culture led her to concentrate her academic studies on international business and explore much of the world for business and pleasure. Global awareness continues to influence her writing.

Tarra lives in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts with her husband and two children where they enjoy spending family time in New England hiking and skiing. Privately, you’ll find Tarra tickling and snuggling with her two little ones in a selfish desire to soak in their sweetness, relax her nerves, and fill her bliss cup. For inspirational quotes and fitness, yoga, healthy eating, and meditation guidance and motivation connect with Tarra at www.tarramitchell.com and on Twitter @TarraMMitchell and Facebook @TarraMMitchell.

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The Little Book of Leadership Wisdom by Charles D. Harpool

The Little Book of Leadership Wisdom

leadershipwisdomBy Charles D. Harpool
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1492289371
Published: April 2014
Pages: 133
Genre: Self-Help, Reference, Business

Are leaders born or made? What are the common personality traits and characteristics of great leaders? What is the best definition of leadership? These are important leadership questions that have been studied and debated for centuries.

Learn from some of the greatest past and present leaders in Charles D. Harpool’s fascinating new book, The Little Book of Leadership Wisdom.

As he did with his delightful The Little Book of Planning Wisdom, Harpool has collected some of the world’s most inspiring quotations into one, easy-to-read handbook.

This time, however, he tackles the issues of leadership. With over 185 gems of wisdom that question the meaning, methodology, and existence of leadership, this anthology is sure to help both new and experienced leaders become even more effective.

Let words from philosophers, business and world leaders, scientists, inventors, military leaders, and more demonstrate that despite the occasional challenges, being an effective leader is one of the most rewarding positions a person can have.

Learn how to be a better leader today by studying the attitudes, philosophies, and words of some of the world’s greatest leaders.

The Little Book of Leadership Wisdom Sell Sheet (pdf)

About The Author:
Charles D. (Dan) Harpool began his business career when he was ten years old. He worked in numerous marketing and management positions in the corporate world. Dan also has extensive experience in small and medium size organizations -including entrepreneurial endeavors- over his long career in the business world. Dan earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Missouri State University. Dan is the President and CEO of Complete Computing, a computer networking solutions and IT services provider. Dan serves on numerous boards, consults and conducts seminars on strategic planning. Dan is also the author of The Little Book of Planning Wisdom.

The author’s social media links: