Humorous Women’s Suspense – Chasing Nathan

chasing-nathanChasing Nathan
By Jeanette Hubbard
Publisher: Promontory Press
Published: June 2016
ISBN: 978-1987857436
Pages: 192
Genre: Humorous, Women’s Fiction, Women’s Suspense/Mystery

Jeanette Hubbard’s humorous style of suspense writing has been compared to Carl Hiaasen and Janet Evanovich. In this quirky follow-up novel, a chance encounter in a remote forest campground plunges plucky retiree Claudie O’Brien into a vortex of crime, kidnapping, and a marijuana hijacking. A pleasant dinner with Nathan, the gentleman at the next campsite, is disrupted by the arrival of a very loud and a very angry young man. The next morning both Nathan and the man are gone, but Claudie suspects something is not right. No one believes her when she tells them that Nathan might be in danger. It’s up to Claudie to connect the dots and find out why Nathan disappeared in the middle of the night

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Other Books By Jeanette Hubbard:

secrets-lies-and-champagne-highsSecrets, Lies and Champagne Highs
By Jeanette Hubbard
Publisher: Promontory Press
Published: June 2015
ISBN: 978-1927559765
ASIN: B0198X02DO
Pages: 190
Genre: Humorous, Women’s Fiction, Women’s Suspense/Mystery

On a crisp winter mid-afternoon, Claudie O’Brien finds herself parked in her BMW with some old pills, a bottle of champagne, and no reason to keep on living. When an accident occurs in Claudie’s attempt to take her own life, she finds herself rescued by Peter, a local vice-principal turned tow truck driver. In Secrets, Lies and Champagne Highs, written by first-time novelist Jeanette Hubbard, readers follow Claudie’s journey to Sisters, Oregon,having moved into the remodeled garage of Peter, his two sweet kids, and his not-so-sweet second wife, Chrystal. Claudie quickly realizes that she’s entangled herself in more than she anticipated. On top a botched suicide,there’s the meth lab across the street, a non-existent murder plot turned reality, a phony spiritual guru, and more affairs between local citizens than she can keep straight.

After reading this humorous take on small town life in Central Oregon,  those sleepy little towns will never look the same.

chasing-nathan-author-jeanette-hubbardAbout The Author:
Jeanette Hubbard was brought up in Iowa to be a very good girl. Then she moved to Portland, Oregon the city that prides itself on weird. She has utilized her degree in English from the University of Iowa in a variety of jobs, including driving a school bus, selling car insurance, and growing, (and sometimes killing), plants at her wholesale nursery west of Portland. She now lives with her Border collie Buddy, Mitten the monster cat, her roommate’s two demented small dogs, a miniature horse and two chickens in a small house in SE Portland. Actually, the horse and chickens live in the backyard.

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Comedy/Fantasy – November Keys

November KeysNovember Keys
By Brian Turner and Michael Turner
Publisher: New Generation Publishing
ISBN: 978-1785070389
Pages: 280
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy

Funny, Compelling, Unusual

A Riveting book readers will find hard to put down.

American gangsters take a very active interest in a run down English football club located in a sleepy village called November Keys which boasts an unusual history.Their main purpose is to take advantage of the club’s geography for their own dubious and very illegal means.

However, they do not allow for some tenacious villagers and things that go bump in the night to try and flaw their plans.

Things come to a head when the football team, hampered by strange characters, bizarre rituals and a priceless ancient recipe, must play a match where failure could threaten mankind.

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November Keys AuthorsAbout the Authors:
We are a father and son team. Perhaps a little unusual in the publishing world, however we would like to think our relationship has improved and not impeded our debut novel.

Outside of writing we do share similar interests, both being passionate football fans with a liking for a curry and a pint.

Both have many interests, which include charity work, poetry, music, film, cinema and quiz shows.

Whilst Brian is a published author it is Michael who has invented most of the amusing characters you are going to meet in November Keys. Both writers have spent pleasurable hours burning the midnight oil, endeavouring to portray these character’s personalities and eccentricities in a light hearted manner.

Coupled with an original plot with more twists than a sixties band we hope we have created a novel that is different and humorous, which will keep our readers, young and old alike, intrigued and entertained for many hours.

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Fiction – It’s Too Late To Die Young Now

It's Too Late To Die Young NowIt’s Too Late To Die Young Now
By Gary Hope
Publisher: Publishing
Published: August 2015
ISBN: 978-1621377450
ASIN: B0141FDY48
Pages: 240
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

A search for love, a search for forgiveness; a lifetime of questions; a lifetime of unanswered questions. A litany of accomplishments: an eternity of regrets.

George Kerry’s quest for riches, love, and ultimately forgiveness are the focus of “It’s Too Late To Die Young Now.” Diagnosed with cancer at 73, George decides he must come clean and confess his sins. Can George ever find his answers and what he’s searching for? Or, will death prevent him from obtaining his ultimate goal? Relive George’s entertaining life in the humorous novel. It’s told with a mixture of greed, romance, lust, and a lot of comedy. If you like being entertained, this book is sure to please.

“It’s Too Late To Die Young Now” is the first novel written by Gary Hope, who previously penned four works of non-fiction.  When asked why he switched to writing fiction, he replied, “Because change gives me an opportunity to think, and let my imagination take me anywhere I want to go.”

It's Too Late To Die Young Now AuthorAbout the Author:
Gary Hope is a writer from North Carolina. His first four books were non-fiction. He recently released his first work of fiction, It’s Too Late To Die Young Now. When asked why he switched to writing fiction, Gary said, “Because change gives me an opportunity to think, and lets my imagination take me anywhere I want to go.”


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Humor/Dystopian – Big Data Is Watching You!

Big Data Is Watching YouBig Data Is Watching You!
By Bruce Hartman
Publisher: Swallow Tail Press
Release Date: November 10, 2015
ISBN: 978-0988918153
Pages: 243
Genre: Fiction; dystopian; humor

It’s way past 1984.  Your toothbrush, your coffee maker and your Rice Krispies are running your life.  But don’t worry… BIG DATA IS WATCHING YOU!

Welcome to Goozle Earth®, a dystopia where the all-knowing and all-powerful force of Big Data rules humanity through the Internet of Things and the corporate power of Goozle Inc.  Where English® and every possible combination of words has been copyrighted and the only law is the Terms of Service, which has been replaced by the Terms of Servitude.  Where the proudly psychopathic Higgs, Caesar and Emperor Omnipotent (CEO) of Goozle Inc., is determined to launch the Next Big Thing.

Smith, a happy native of this paradise, wanders off the grid and discovers sex®, the knowledge of good and evil, and the pursuit of Happiness. Can he save the human race from the Next Big Thing?

Big Data Is Watching You! Sell Sheet (pdf)

Big Data Is Watching You AuthorAbout the Author:
Bruce Hartman has worked as a bookseller, piano teacher and attorney.  He is the author of five previous novels, including THE RULES OF DREAMING and THE PHILOSOPHICAL DETECTIVE. His most recent book is A BUTTERFLY IN PHILADELPHIA.  He lives with his wife in Philadelphia.


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Humor Short Stories – Lensfogger’s BEST

Lensfogger's BESTLensfogger’s BEST
A Super-Hero’s Collection of Humor, Satire & Short Stories
By Roger Blake
Published: May 2015
ISBN: 978-1511665513
Pages: 232
Genre: Fiction, Humor, Satire, Short Stories

Every super-hero has an alter-ego. Dodger Lensfogger, who is our narrator through most of these stories, is no different, except that he has multiple identities and speaks with many voices. Dodger’s characters routinely surface in response to situations or people who interest him, whether he finds them stimulating, challenging or even offensive. He writes about himself or others in the first person or third person, whatever feels best for the story. He also allows no limits to his inspiration or writing style. Each work, whether whimsical, a touch off-color or intensely serious must be appreciated on its individual merits and intent.

About the Author:
Lensfogger's BEST Author

Roger Blake (a.k.a. Dodger Lensfogger) started writing the earliest of these stories, How the World I Saved, over 35 years ago in 1988. He remembers typing away on his word processor in the converted loft of an old railroad depot. Dust would shake off the rafters covering him and his work every time a train rumbled through. Some stories were conceived in the sleeping compartments of semi-trucks as he crisscrossed the country during the late 1990s through 2005.

Blake’s life has been a pursuit of creativity wherever he could find it. Another apt description would be “a tattered masterpiece of jobs and careers that should have worked but never did.” His careers have included flying in the Navy, commercial real estate and truck driving – all interspersed with periods when he dropped out to survive doing other things – like being a waiter, jeep tour driver, cabbie, bartender, inn keeper, gallery owner, car salesman, photographer and artist. None of his many, many jobs ever compared to the passion and fulfillment that he receives from art and writing.

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