Science Fiction – Redemption Song

Redemption SongRedemption Song
The Beginning of the Rynn-Human Alliance
By Henry A. Burns
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Published: July 2017
ISBN: 978-1480847910 (pb)
ISBN: 978-1480847897 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1480847903 (ebook)
Pages: 380
Genre: Science Fiction

Part Hero’s Journey, part Military Science Fiction, part Space Opera with just a touch of Fantasy thrown in for good measure.

A child of wealth and privilege, Small Snow Flower is a member of a highly intelligent spacefaring species called the Rynn. Although she is young and untested, she is given a trading ship to command by her father. But just months into her first voyage there is a mutiny, and Small Snow Flower finds herself marooned on a primitive planet, believing she will die alone.

Jeremy Blunt is a bitter old man. For fifty years, he’s mourned the death of his wife, cutting himself off from the world and living alone in a forest cabin, believing he will die alone.

But fate has other plans. It brings together these two lonely people in spite of their differences—age, experience, and species. Slowly but surely, the alien girl and the elderly human man find ways to work together. They must find the strength to change their destinies and those of their respective home worlds. This is the beginning of the Rynn-Human alliance.

In a story of fate, second chances, and redemption, an unlikely partnership forms between a young alien and an old human widower that will change the future of both their races.



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Redemption Song Author Henry A. BurnsAbout the Author:
Henry A. Burns has studied martial arts since he was 15, played in various Latin bands as a percussionist and just recently decided to retire and devote his energies toward writing. Redemption Song is his first novel in what is expected to be a multi book series.

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