Science Fiction – Cherry Pickers & Liquid Gambit

Cherry Pickers & Liquid GambitCherry Pickers & Liquid Gambit
By Bonnie Milani
Published: December 2016
ISBN: 978-1540678607
Pages: 158
Genre: Science Fiction

Welcome to a pair of rousing adventures set on the edges of the star-flung human Commonwealth. ‘Liquid Gambit’ is a sci fi noir call out to ‘Casablanca’. It’s a tale of hope and sacrifice in Rick’s Bar – a lost souls hang out on the last station in human space. In ‘Cherry Pickers’, seventeen-year-old Nikki is determined to prove she’s a woman, even if she has to kidnap the only man on the planet to do it. It’s a rollicking coming-of-age story – with spiders. Romantically challenged spiders.


Cherry Pickers & Liquid Gambit Author Bonnie MilaniAbout the Author:
Bonnie Milani is a multiple-award winning author:

•    2016 Evvy Award in Science Fiction for ‘Home World’
•    2015 Noveltunity Book Club Choice for ‘Liquid Gambit’
•    2015 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award nominee for ‘Hot Day on Titan’

Her non-fiction work has appeared in magazines ranging from ‘ScienceDigest’ to ‘Speculations’.

In addition to ghost-writing screenplays for Hollywood insiders, she edits both fiction (SF & F by preference) and non-fiction. She has taught every aspect of writing as well as running a professional writer’s group.  She holds an MA in Journalism from Stanford.

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