Science Fiction – ADAM: The Divine Bloodline Trilogy

ADAMADAM: The Divine Bloodline Trilogy
By Ryder Lyne
Publisher: Ryder Lyne Books
Release Date: September 19, 2017
ISBN: 978-0999324202 (print)
ISBN: 978-0999324219 (ebook)
ASIN: B074V2HD88
Pages: 200
Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopian

When the unearthing of the Ark of the Covenant results in the discovery of the bones of an angel, a government program seeks out descendants of the divine being. Scientists confirm the existence of Nephilim, descendants of the Divine Bloodline who exhibit unique supernatural abilities. These individuals soon find themselves at odds with society.

Sisters Piper and Wren knew they were different, but after the discovery, the two have evidence to explain their maturing abilities. But the government has the power to condemn and crucify Nephilim, locking them into ADAM compounds across the globe. The sisters are next, and Piper and Wren will need to act quickly to avoid being captured. In order to survive the two must embrace the stigma and master the very gifts that God has bestowed (or cursed) upon them.

Mysterious forces who have been plotting these events for decades shift the balance of power, and soon all parties involved will need to pick a side.


Praise for ADAM:

“ADAM is a creative page-turner that will keep you guessing. A new take on angel lore, ADAM is a thrill ride from start to finish.” – Cara Lockwood, USA Today bestselling author of I Do (But I Don’t).

“Featuring engaging characters with extraordinary abilities, ADAM is a smart introduction to the fascinating world of the Bloodline Trilogy.” –  Jordan Rivet, Scifi and Fantasy Author of The Seabound Chronicles and Steel and Fire Series

Adam Author Ryder LyneAbout the Author:
Ryder Lyne was born and raised in the Grand Canyon State and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Her state has influenced many of her literary works including ADAM.

She enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, hunting, golf, and spending quality time with her husband, two shiba inus, and immediate family members. Ryder played collegiate golf and lived in the woods for several months in an extreme survival bootcamp. All of these things and so much more have influenced her writing.

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