Sci-fi/Fantasy – Sorcerers’ Dynasty

Sorcerers' DynastySorcerers’ Dynasty
By Stephen Perkins
Publisher: Starborn Publishing
Published: October 2017
ISBN: 978-1641368117
Pages: 296
Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy

An epic struggle to claim eternity.

Since time immemorial the world has been a theater of illusion…

Ruled by a Sorcerers’ Dynasty.

Beyond the arctic wall of ice lies a new and unknown world. One man plans to sacrifice the known world and everything in it to gain immortality in paradise. The world is filled with lies and liars and America’s most controversial alternative media journalist Dan Sheraton wants to find out why. Strange things have been seen out in the New Mexico desert, and when an even stranger phone call leads him on a dangerous adventure to a mysterious destination, Sheraton discovers earth shattering epiphanies. When an insidious plot hatched by a shadowy global corporation threatens the survival of mankind the most unlikely hero emerges.

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Sorcerers' Dynasty Author Stephen PerkinsAbout the Author:
In just his first year as an independent author, Massachusetts native Stephen Perkins’ thrilling, entertaining, and thought provoking novels Raging Falcon, American Siren, Escape to Death and now the dark supernatural thriller Sorcerers’ Dynasty have fast gained a loyal and rabid audience. While enjoying the books, be sure to check out for a unique perspective on the news of the world one shall not surely discover anywhere else! Or, stop by for a visit on Twitter (

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