Tales From The Loon Town Cafe by Dennis Frahmann

Tales From The Loon Town Cafe

Tales from the Loon TownBy Dennis Frahmann
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1482555073
ASIN: B00BGT0158
Published: March 2013
Pages: 332
Genre: Literary Fiction

It’s the go-go 1980s when journalist Wally Pearson gets mugged in Times Square. It’s a jolt that prompts him to throw away his career and open a cafe in his small hometown. Little does he know that in doing so he’s about to get entrapped in the collision of fame, fortune, ambition and love in the northwoods of Wisconsin—all tempered with more than a little delusion.

Tales from the Loon Town Cafe seeks to capture the unique character and rhythms of small Midwestern towns. But it also recognizes the undercurrent of despair and sometime downright loopiness that emerges when most everyone thinks they know most everything that’s going on.

But of course they don’t really know all, and that’s why Tales from the Loon Town Cafe is ultimately a mystery of life.

About the Author:
Dennis Frahmann is a journalist, writer and award-winning marketer who grew up in small towns in Wisconsin and now lives in Cambria, California. Tales from the Loon Town Cafe is his first novel.

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The Kushmaker by Kenneth Anesko

The Kushmaker

By Kenneth AneskoThe Kushmaker
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 978-1466964310
Published: August 2013
Pages: 330
Genre: Military, Navy, Humor

Bored but resourceful sailors are all but stranded on an obscure South Pacific island with no means of recreation except for what they invent on their own – an illegal still, hidden saloon and bordello, etc. There is drinking, scheming and romance and a lingering feud between the ship’s captain and his superior, a pompous admiral. And what does the Kushmaker have up his sleeve? What is he hiding? It’s a fun story with no moral or messages. Anyone who enjoys humor will like this book.

About the Author:
Kenneth Anesko is a navy veteran who served 31/2 years during the Korean War with 2 1/2 years aboard a Destroyer in the Atlantic Sixth Fleet. Using the G.I. Bill, he earned a degree in Accounting from the U. of Scranton, Scranton, Pa. He is currently retired and resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pa.

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Silver Moon Deja vu by Marti Melville

Silver Moon Deja vu

Silver Moon Deja VuBy Marti Melville
Publisher: Midnight Omen Productions
ISBN: 978-1481969581
Published: October 2013
Pages: 401
Genre: Paranormal Romance

The year is 1722 – electricity dances across the midnight sky hovering over a majestic tall ship deep within the Caribbean. The crew watches in terror as their Captain is brought back to life by a Celtic witch. Impending doom settles in the hearts of these salty seafarers as they glance at the sea and midnight sky. Sure enough, strange happenings follow their ship each night as clues are left about whom the Silver Moon Omen is intended for. Only one understands the apocalyptic sign, the same Celtic healer who brought their Captain back to life. Kathryn must gather clues from the ancient Celtic mystics, including a deadly voodoo priest from the Island of Tobago. Captain Phillips and his crew sail from Barbados north, plundering the high seas of the Spanish Main encountering the infamous Calico Jack and his cutthroats. Beset with an unexpected visitor and a malicious turn of events, the pirate Captains part ways into unknown territory leading to a certain demise for Captain Phillips. Is this the end of Kathryn and her Captain? Only the Silver Moon Omen knows for certain.

Marti MelvilleAbout the Author:
Marti Melville is the author of the Deja vu Chronicles – a paranormal historical romance set in the 18th Century Caribbean. “Midnight Omen Deja vu”, (the 1st novel in the Deja vu Chronicles) was released in 2010. “Silver Moon Deja vu” (the 2nd novel) is available on Amazon and on her website. “Onyx Rising” (the 3rd novel) is due for release in 2014.

Marti’s love of the Caribbean and the romantic folklore surrounding the Pirates of the Spanish Main helped fuel her drive to re-create the story of Captain John Phillips and his Celtic witch, Kathryn in this adventurous tale of an actual pirate and his cutthroat crew.

Marti draws from her background in emergency/trauma nursing as she creates what would-have-happened over 300 years at sea. She is currently co-authoring the screenplay for the film version of her novels and is the mother of five children and grandmother of seven.

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Switching Stations Switching Stories by Christy Santo

Switching Stations Switching Stories

Author: Christy Santo
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1496044211
Published: March 2014
Pages: 342
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Vampire

Decades ago Jay experimented on Human children to see if his vampire saliva would shatter their psyches. In the wake of each experiment his sire, in the present century known as Captain Ian Porter, has either successfully saved a victim of Jay’s or been too late. Porter has evolved over the course of hundreds of thousands of years from a savage vampire to having human feelings and sympathies. He has been driven to stop his son but suddenly his existence is growing short. Will Ian be able to capture Jay before his time runs out?

About The Author:
Christy Santo was born and raised in Fanwood, New Jersey. In 2002, she moved to Bloomington, Indiana. Christy is a co-owner in her family’s internet business since its start back on Thanksgiving Day 1998. Though she does enjoy her work and wants to continue with working with her family, she has always wanted to be a writer. Christy published her first book “Switching Stations, Switching Stories” on March 24, 2014 and now sees her dreams are coming true.



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The Akasha Chronicles by Natalie Wright

The Akasha Chronicles

akashachroniclesEmily’s House
Book 1, The Akasha Chronicles
Publisher: Boadicea Press
ISBN: 978-0615560625
ASIN: B00641WC8C
Published: November 2013
Pages: 334
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Mythology, Science Fiction

Fourteen-year-old Emily Adams has special powers she doesn’t want, a spiteful aunt she can’t escape, and a primeval legacy she knows nothing about. But when an otherworldly being materializes, Emily discovers the true purpose of her magical blood and of the danger that threatens to annihilate her world. Dormant for over a thousand years, an ancient evil has arisen. This time, it will destroy anyone – or anything – that stands in its way. With her two best friends by her side, Emily risks everything and embarks on a dangerous journey to Ireland and beyond where she unlocks the secrets of her Celtic ancestors. As the hour of world annihilation draws near, the fate of her friends, her family and her world lies in her hands. Can a teenage girl without hero credentials save the world? And will Emily find the courage to face her true self in Emily’s House?

Join the Journey….

akashachronicles2Emily’s Trial
Book 2, The Akasha Chronicles
Publisher: Boadicea Press
ISBN: 978-0615702766
Published: December 2013
Pages: 211
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Mythology, Science Fiction

Two years ago, Emily Adams trained in the ways of her ancient ancestors and became a modern Celtic Priestess Warrior. The golden torc, forged by faerie hands, is still wound around her arm, fused to her soul. She was entrusted with powerful magic and secret knowledge. But even a Priestess can feel desire – temptation – and the quest for love. Will passion entice Emily to use her sacred magic in a forbidden way? Can new love take root in a world of nightmares? And will her friendships survive Emily’s Trial?

The Journey Continues . . .

akashachronicles3Emily’s Heart
Book 3, The Akasha Chronicles
Publisher: Boadicea Press
ISBN: 978-1493697588
Published: January 2014
Pages: 287
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Mythology, Science Fiction

Seventeen-year-old Emily Adams unintentionally unleashed a shadow god’s dark energy power into the world and started an Apocalypse. But Emily is also the only one that can end the dark god’s reign. Though the powerful faerie magic of the golden torc is still coiled around her arm, self-doubt threatens to undo her. Emily wants nothing more than to feel the soft kiss of her one true love, but he won’t even speak to her. Her first crush is still quite dead and her best friend remains a prisoner in the dark god’s house of nightmares. A growing legion of black-eyed shadow people, devoid of conscience, roam the streets. Emily needs help now more than ever, but redemption seems far off indeed as she faces the expanding darkness alone. Emily will need an army of her own if she is to save the world from being taken over by pure evil. But will a small band of Lucent geeks and freaks be enough to send the dark god packing? Amidst chaos and ruin, will love blossom in Emily’s Heart?

The Akasha Chronicles Sell Sheet (pdf)

akashachroniclesauthorAbout The Author:
Natalie is the author of The Akasha Chronicles, a young adult paranormal fantasy trilogy. When not writing, blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, Wattpadding or eating chocolate, Natalie nurtures her young daughter, feeds her dog too many treats, and plays with her two young cats.

Natalie enjoys travel, good wine, and excellent food shared with family and friends. She was raised an Ohio farm girl, now lives in the desert Southwest, and dreams of living in a high rise in a big city.

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