Tani’s Search for the Heart by Keith Egawa

Tani’s Search for the Heart

Author: Keith Egawa
Illustrators: Keith and Chenoa Egawa
ISBN: 978-0615769110
Published: 2013
Pages: 31
Genre: Children’s Book

Tani’s Search for the Heart is a children’s book authored by Keith Egawa, and illustrated by Keith and Chenoa Egawa; a brother and sister team of Lummi and S’klallam Indian ancestry. It is the story of Tani, a young Coast Salish girl, exploring the mystery of one’s purpose and place in the world. Following the death of her grandmother, Tani embarks on a journey through the forests of the Pacific Northwest, abiding by her grandmother’s instructions to find “the heart of all things.” As Tani finds her way into a world of Coast Salish legend, tradition and self-discovery, she is helped along the way by animals such as Bear, Otter and Salamander, the magical Stick Indian, and the spirit of her departed grandmother. As she overcomes challenges of the landscape and her own self-doubt, Tani begins to realize the special gifts within her, awakening traditional knowledge carried by her people through the generations. Readers experience the first peoples, creatures and fauna of the Pacific Northwest. At the same time, they explore qualities of character such as self-confidence, respect for nature, and courage in the face of uncertainty. Tani’s quest reminds us of the ever-increasing need to preserve our environment, fostering a mutual respect for that which sustains us all.

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About The Author:
Keith and Chenoa Egawa are a brother and sister of Lummi and S’Klallam Indian ancestry. Keith is a published novelist (Madchild Running; Red Crane Books, Inc.) with background in the fields of education reform and social work. His extensive work with families has provided him with both inspiration and insight into his subject matter. In addition to literary readings for adult audiences, Keith has conducted writing workshops for Native youth throughout the U.S.

Chenoa has worked as a professional illustrator, international indigenous human rights advocate, actor, and is a traditional ceremonial leader and singer. She was a fellowship recipient from the Institute of Current World Affairs, and traveled throughout Central and South America facilitating communication among indigenous peoples to protect and preserve traditions, languages and homelands. Chenoa has also worked in the public school system to create programs that teach Native American culture and history, empowering Native youth and improving racial equity.

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Romantic Suspense – Love’s Touch of Justice

Love's Touch of JusticeLove’s Touch of Justice
By Yvonne Kohano
Series: Flynn’s Crossing Series Book Seven
Publisher: Nanokas Press
Published: December 2014
ISBN: 978-1940738918
Pages: 334
Genre: Romantic Suspense

She was the one person who could convince him, without pleading her case, that he’d been dead wrong. Justice wasn’t a sharp sword but a dull blade, and sometimes, it did more damage than good as it sliced through to the truth.

Sheriff’s Deputy Jake Kermarrec has a strict interpretation of right and wrong, and if you end up in jail, justice obviously prevailed. Being a cop is what he knows, and the only thing he aspires to. When he’s a hero and his career is at risk, he turns to Marlee Cruiz for relief. Their physical attraction becomes harder to ignore with each session of massage, despite the rules and secrets between them.

The closer they become, though, the harder it is for either of them to turn away. As Marlee’s past slowly unravels, Jake finds himself questioning his rigid beliefs, even as his friends and family begin to question his judgment. The more shocking the news, the more excuses he finds himself making on her behalf. When it counts, will he put his commitment to protect and serve on the line for Marlee?

About the Author:
Love's Touch of Justice AuthorYvonne Kohano currently writes in the contemporary romance and romantic suspense genres, with an upcoming psychological thriller series in progress as well. She is a dedicated indie press author (and some would say control freak), and a proud member of Romance Writers of America and the Sacramento Valley Rose RWA chapter.

For over 19 years, Yvonne and her husband John have lived on a ranch where they used to raise llamas. After becoming livestock-free, they now spend our time taking cruises, gardening, creating yummy dinners, and keeping their dog-kids happy. They recently relocated to northern Oregon outside of Portland, and are happily submersing themselves in the foodie, outdoor and entertainment culture.

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