Literary Fiction – The Sands Of Katambora

The Sands Of KatamboraThe Sands Of Katambora
By Rory Johnston
ISBN: 978-1494402761
Published: March 2014
Pages: 193
Genre: Literary Fiction

Sure to remind you of an earlier age of innocence in writing, The Sands of Katambora is a sentimental story about overcoming obstacles and pursuing a greater good. It will touch your heart, excite your senses, and open your eyes not only to the beauty of the African landscape, but also to the ways wildlife and wild spaces are affected by human behavior. It has a powerful, prescient message of the devastation caused by modern ivory, rhino horn poaching and loss of habitat occurring in today’s Africa.

The story is set in Central Africa, along the Zambezi River, and is about the BaTonga people, who worship the River God, Nyaminyami. A dragon-like creature with a snake torso and a fish-shaped head, the BaTonga believe he controls their lives, and he is rumored to cast a spell on anyone who sets foot in the Zambezi valley.

And so it was that Colin Somerset fell under her spell, and was bound to Nyaminyami for his entire life and throughout all of his endeavors. After first coming to the valley at age five, he dedicated himself to improving the quality of life for his beloved BaTonga people, and to protecting the land and wildlife held under her dominion.

Set on transforming his family’s business from hunting safaris to photographic safaris, Colin encounters tremendous struggles, opposition, and resistance from those around him, and experiences turmoil in his own personal relationships.

A must-read for anyone interested in Africa, its people and landscape, The Sands of Katambora tells a compelling love story with a timeous message about conserving the world’s wildlife and wild spaces.

About the Author:
Author Rory Johnston has spent a great amount of time in Africa, and has a deep respect and appreciation for its landscape, peoples, and wildlife. He grew up in the safari business, and, as a child, accompanied his parents on trips to some of the most remote and rarely visited regions of the continent.Johnston writes about love and personal relationships, and has been able to cleverly weave his knowledge of Africa and his respect for its land, people, and wildlife into his fiction. He wrote three short stories: Growing Up in Africa, A Major Hoodwink, and co-wrote It Happened at Squeedunc Plantation with his wife, Virginia Doyle. His first novel in a series, The Sands of Katambora, is soon to joined by the second, Katambora Rising.


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Literature/Fiction – Glory Grain of Courage

Glory Grain of CourageGlory Grain of Courage
By Peace Love
Publisher: TEACH Services Inc
ISBN: 978-1479601837
Published: June 2014
Pages: 134
Genre: Literature/Fiction/Poetry/Inspirational/Religious

In this second in a series of published poems, entitled “Glory Grain of Courage,” the author authentically attempts not only to explain but also admonish to the readers and people of all walks of life that it pays to be courageous while pursuing one’s life endeavors; notwithstanding how herculean, tough or insurmountable a task may seem, if one arms oneself with courage while tackling matters at hand; the solution will eventually emerge.

Making choices, as a matter of fact, requires patient and carefulness, but what follows a genuinely valuable choice that has been made is encouragement and total commitment. Like a mountain climber, ocean diver, Olympian, and various contestants in outstanding and highly rated events, reflective writers’ examination of events, borders Olympic game competitions: right from commencement you may need to take a deep breath, and follow your track to the end.

One thing is however conspicuous and crystal clear, and informs the reason for being advised to be courageous when pursuing the clearest choice of service, or collectively made so that the goal of purpose will be realized, so that when temptations of various forms abound everywhere and at any given circumstances, it is there- fore not to be ruled out that the forces of deception, distraction and discouragement may intervene on the way sown with intent to disrupt and interfere with one’s will power. When this happens, quickly recall you owe it to yourself to reach the end of the track. Hold tenaciously to your selected goal, following your path stay focused; abiding resolutely to the plan, never seeking to give up. Your courage will get you there! Always yielding to your inner positive guide as opposed to externally negative voices that gets one to succumb to fears and failures.

Stay the course. Follow your initial instinct: your journey, your dream goal is waiting to be unleashed. Stay undaunted in the event of unfounded confusion. Don’t ever give up; keep moving forward; steadily on the course until the objective is fully and completely achieved.

Indeed, you may find that a spine steel of courage acts like a catalyst, a moral booster that enables one to attain. No matter what the gravity of condition that is encountered along the lane of attainment of a goal, there may be some slips and skips, but no fall, in so far as courage is set in place; all will be well in the end.

About the Author:
Glory Grain of Courage AuthorMary Ezenwa is a poet and songwriter. She recently completed an MA degree in Psychology at Columbia University. Prior to this study, she studied religion at Yale School of Divinity. As a conscious writer, she seeks to promote values that contribute to increase one’s level of consciousness. Further, Mary takes tremendous pride in contributing to the National Service program for many years. Currently, her most significant achievement was as a City Year Corps Member for AmeriCorps. At New Hampshire, she dedicated over 1,700 hours to a year of service consisting of teaching, tutoring, mentoring, and engaging in physical service. Participating in this program increased her knowledge of working as part of a team.

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Science Fiction – The Seventh Holy Man

The Seventh Holy ManThe Seventh Holy Man
By William Brazzel
ISBN: 978-1499011814
Published: June 2014
Pages: 106
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

The Catholic Church’s very existence is threatened by demonic forces within the hierarchy of the church. Sean Carrol, a newspaper reporter, is charged with investigating this threat even though his life may be in jeopardy. The only hope for saving the church rests with re-establishing the seven holy men who represent the Seven Spirits of God. Even with their involvement there is no guarantee that the church will survive.

The Seventh Holy Man Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
The SEventh Holy Man AuthorFor the past 30 years William Brazzel has run a property and casualty insurance agency in New Jersey. For all of those years he has desired to write a science fiction novel. Unfortunately, time was limited while he raised a family and ran his business. Not until recently was he able to write his first novel “The Seventh Holy Man.”  He is now looking forward to the second novel and is hard at work penning the next story.



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YA Sci-Fi/Dystopian – I Town

I TownI Town
By Timothy Koch
ISBN: 978-0991020126
Published: January 2014
Pages: 384
Genre: Young Adult, Sci-fi, Dystopian

Shevi and Jackson are sixteen and live at opposite ends of a rapidly expanding social rift in a place where body weight determines social status and success. I Town produces electricity, not with steam or water or wind but with the renewable resource of human effort, people walking on treadwheels. Body weight is a vital commodity. Shevi is a big girl betrothed into one of the largest Ironclad families in I Town. Jackson is a skinny kid, a diminutive or Dim, whose only hope other than scavenging a living from crime is peddling heavy old novels to the wheel walkers. Both have good reason to ignore the attraction they feel for one another. But the attraction is there and it grows stronger each time they meet, threatening everyone from Shevi’s future in-laws to Mr. Myrtle, a little man determined to champion the status quo by keeping Dims in their place.

I Town AuthorAbout the Author:
Born and raised in Arkansas, Timothy Koch writes speculative fiction for young adults and new adults. He also enjoys architectural drafting, computer graphics and web design.




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Aging Parents Memoir – Being My Mom’s Mom

Being My Moms MomBeing My Mom’s Mom
By Loretta Anne Woodward Veney
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
ISBN: 978-0741482105
Pages: 171
Genre: Aging Parents, Autobiography, Caregiving

Throughout her life, Loretta Anne Woodward Veney, author of Being My Mom’s Mom, has chronicled family events through journals, photos, and videos, seeking to capture every moment. After learning that her beloved mother Doris was the first female in the family to suffer from dementia, Loretta began documenting the details of doctor visits, and recording people, places, and things as a substitute for lost memory. Loretta, a motivational teacher and trainer, who has delivered speeches and presentations and conducted workshops throughout the U.S. and Europe, through her book, her first published work, offers a wealth of encouragement.

“Being My Mom’s Mom” invites readers on Loretta’s personal journey before and after the onset of her Mom’s dementia. Personal vignettes highlight the heartache and humor in this life-changing disease. She offers strategies from real experience for building the best care team for loved ones, increasing one’s capacity for patience, and making the most of every day. Loretta confirms the difficulty of acknowledging when it’s time to become the “parent of a parent”. She also offers hope that loving relationships with dementia sufferers can continue, even in the realization that the past is forgotten, and the future is the present.

Being My Mom’s Mom Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Being My Moms Mom AuthorLoretta Veney is a communications, leadership and management training professional with 30 years of experience. Her training sessions are always informative and engaging, resulting in dramatic improvement in employee performance. Loretta has delivered presentations and courses throughout the United States and Europe ranging in length from sixty minutes to more than eighty hours. Loretta is the ultimate professional who delivers each presentation with enthusiasm.


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