Thriller/Suspense – The Schwarzschild Radius

The Schwarzschild RadiusThe Schwarzschild Radius
By Gustavo Florentin
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
ISBN: 978-1620076118
Published: September 23, 2014
Pages: 290
Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Mystery

Rachel, an 18-year-old Columbia University student, descends into the netherworld of runaways and predators to find her sister, Olivia, who has suddenly disappeared.

After getting a job in a strip joint where Olivia worked, then doing private shows in the homes of rich clients, Rachel discovers that Olivia has been abducted by a killer who auctions the deaths of young girls in an eBay of agony.

When she finds Olivia, Rachel becomes the killer’s next target.

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Other books by Gustavo Florentin:

The Schwarzschild Radius 2In the Talons of the Condor
Published: December 2013
ISBN: 978-1492798590
Genre: Thriller, Suspense

In the Talons of the Condor is a searing exploration of the power of revenge when it consumes the deadliest commando in South America. Roland Sabatini and John Muir are young missionaries who have been called to bring the Word of God to a remote Amazonian tribe. Soon after they meet, John notices strange and incongruous abilities in his companion. Roland is an expert tracker and survivalist; he knows the rain forest intimately and is a martial artist. Roland ultimately reveals that he is a commando on a mission of vengeance. While tracking his prey, Roland meets Lourdes McCallum, the daughter of a rubber-tapper and descendant of one of the many Southern families that emigrated to the Amazon after the Civil War. When they fall in love, he is torn between humanity and revenge and she is thrust into the vortex of his inexorable battle with his sworn enemy.

In the Talons of the Condor, won the following awards:

  • WUACADEMIA–Prix d’Or Best Novel
  • The Verb First Chapter Contest–First Prize
  • Mount Arrowsmith Best Novel 4th place
  • The Writing Show–Second Prize best first chapter of a novel.
  • Second Prize–16th Annual International Latino Book Awards

About the Author:
The Schwarzschild RadiusGustavo Florentin was born in Queens, New York and received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Polytechnic University of New York. He spent a decade in the defense industry working on the F-14 fighter jet and classified electronics projects. After the fall of the Soviet Union, many thought America wouldn’t need weapons anymore, so while others waited for the peace dividend, he moved on to the financial sector in New York where he is currently a network engineer. His passions include violin, travel to exotic places and exploring worldwide conspiracies. He lives in New Jersey where he is working on his third novel.

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Careers – Avoiding the Dodgeballs … at Work

Avoiding the Dodge Balls at WorkAvoiding the Dodgeballs … at Work
A Young Woman’s Guide to Succeeding at a First Job
Author: E. Marie
ISBN: 978-1484033951
Pages: 206
Published: October 2014
Genre: Career Guidance, Non-Fiction, Women’s Issues

After working 25 years in various industries, supervising and mentoring numerous of young professional men and women, E. Marie was inspired to write a book that prepares entry level employees for the world of work.

This career guidance book addresses a variety of subject matters including: project management, team work, managing your boss, performance evaluations, sexual harassment, difficult coworkers and networking.

It is an easy to read guidance book with two main characters. One of the fictional characters is a female, a recent college graduate, who is preparing to enter the workforce. The other character is the narrator, who gives the new employee straight to the point advice –with a touch of humor- on how to handle or avoid potential work related issues.

There are funny scenarios and illustrations scattered throughout the book. An index is included to locate specific subject matter.

E. Marie is hopeful that upon reading her book, readers will get a heads-up on what to expect during the first year of employment while obtaining some tips on how to avoid first job “hiccups” and smoothly move up the ladder.

Avoiding the Dodgeballs … at Work Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Emerald Betts is a business professional who has worked in various industries, including large and small corporations and non-profits. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master of Science Degree in Communications from Northwestern University. As a person who loves to read and listen to talk radio, Emerald enjoys mentoring young people of all ages. When not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and attending grandson Jalen’s baseball games. Mrs. Betts resides in Chicago, Illinois.

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Education/Test Prep – How to Write a Killer SAT Essay

How to Write a Killer SAT EssayHow to Write a Killer SAT Essay
By Tom Clements
Publisher: Hit ‘Em Up
ISBN: 978-0578076652
Pages: 172
Genre: Education/Test-Prep

How to Write a Killer SAT Essay is the only award-winning book with dozens of real essays written by real students. The net is full of abstract information on WHAT to write about when constructing an SAT essay —  this book is full of information on exactly HOW to write it. The author includes dozens of top-scoring, detailed essays from students of his who have put his principles into practice.

When you see step-by-step instructions on HOW someone has put an essay together, it’s much more valuable than simply knowing “what” the principles of good writing entail. This book is also full of practical advice on the seven Rules of Engagement students need to know about when constructing an essay. These seven rules provide a clear and comprehensive writing methodology that every student can follow to obtain a top-scoring SAT essay.

A “Snapshot” chapter provides a complete sample essay from start to finish with all the component pieces highlighted and analyzed for impact. Examples of introductory paragraphs full of quotes and anecdotes are included along with an entire chapter of prefabricated content with student paragraphs from history, literature, pop culture, music, sports, movies, and technology. Finally, a chapter entitled “Spin the Prompt” demonstrates how to take any SAT prompt and “spin” it to the content examples you’ve prefabricated.

How to Write a Killer SAT Essay Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
How to Write a Killer SAT Essay AuthorTom Clements is a former college English teacher who has helped hundreds of students ace their SAT tests. In particular, his students dominate the SAT essay, consistently scoring in double digits. His recent book, “How to Write a Killer SAT Essay” received the prestigious Clarion Five-Star review. In addition to “owning” the essay, Tom’s students also dominate the SAT grammar section. Download his FREE “Killer SAT Grammar” game. Look for it in the App Store under “Killer SAT Grammar” or

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Fantasy – Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues

Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of PlaguesStuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues
By Dewey B. Reynolds
ISBN: 978-1500302191
Published: August 2014
Pages: 258
Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Young Adult

Mystical powers. Cosmic adventure. Universally dynamic forces. A certain gifted individual is granted all three. Meet Stuart Duffelmeyer. Brilliant, kind-spirited, and 100% human best describe him. He is an NYU student whose classmates play a horrible prank on him and his life spirals into utter agony. Fooling with him was their ultimate mistake. Stuart suffered severely as a result of their malicious behavior and is bent on getting even with his tormentors.

A chance encounter allows him to discover a magical Hebrew talisman with indescribable powers. Stuart is thrust into the regions of a far away galaxy once the talisman is consecrated. The spirit of his one-time advisor, Rabbi Irwin Wedemeyer, explains to him that the talisman will grant him miraculous powers over all the creatures and elements of the Earth. The rabbi cautions Stuart not to abuse the powers bestowed upon him, nonetheless, Stuart returns to Earth and quickly seeks out his revenge armed with his new abilities. Stuart – and the rest of Humanity – soon discover the true consequences of revenge……

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Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues2Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Kingdom of Ratella (Book Two)
ISBN: 978-1500302689
Published: August 2014
Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Young Adult

Stuart Duffelmeyer is back. This time, he faces the greatest challenge of his life. The evil ruler of a planet known as Ratromeda in the Andromeda Galaxy sends a giant meteorite through the corridors of the Milky Way Galaxy. Once the meteorite crashes into a landfill in New York City, thousands of rats from all five boroughs come to feed off it.

The meteorite’s radioactive materials fill their bodies, metamorphically transforming them into sub-human rat monsters. Rattabarlo, who is the sinister ruler of Ratromeda, has many more diabolical plans. He chooses a beautiful woman to lead the rat monsters. An evil spell is cast on her and she becomes a sub-human rat woman known as Ratella. She establishes her kingdom in underground New York City and rules with a wickedly iron fist.

At the request of Rattabarlo, she is to take over New York City and the rest of the Earth. But not if Stuart has his way. Through the guidance of Rabbi Wedemeyer, Stuart and The Counsel of the Electrifying Eight must join forces to stop Ratella and her underground kingdom. With powers concentrated into his magical talisman, he confronts the ugly faces of evil. The good of the upperworld meets the evil of the lower world. Only one world will prevail.

Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues3Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Universal Transgressors
ISBN: 978-1500346867
Published: August 2014
Genre: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Young Adult

Stuart Duffelmeyer returns to take on a whirlwind of evil forces. Ratella and Rattabarlo and others are set free from their prison within a black hole inside the SpinPool Galaxy. The Mightiest One of Darkness is the chief demonic spirit who sets them free. But their freedom comes at a big expense. Once they are brought back billions of light years into the Milky Way Galaxy, they join forces with monsters created from the Heavens.

The Mightiest One of Darkness receives his orders from The Highest Lord of Darkness. The lord of all dark forces plans to end humanity on Earth. Stuart Duffelmeyer and The Counsel of the Electrifying Eight wants to stop them, but evil sometimes prevails over good. Stuart is held captive by demonic forces, while Ratella and Rattabarlo and the others take over the planets.

A legion of archangels from the Heavens have joined forces to stop the band of wreckless demons. Meetings amongst the angels are called at the highest levels. Stuart is freed and teams up with Rabbi Wedemeyer and The Counsel of the Electrifying Eight to restore order to the entire Universe. Good versus evil. Angels versus demons. Only the forces which pack the most potent powers will win.

About the Author:
Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues authorDewey B. Reynolds is an author, screenwriter, short filmmaker, and computer expert. Beginning at the high school level, he wrote several short stories and poetry that were published in national magazines and newspapers. He has currently published the Fantasy/Young Adult novel Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues. Dewey currently lives in his hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.


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Coming of Age – Getaway Day

Getaway DayGetaway Day
By Ken White
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Published: March 2014
ISBN: 978-1629949154
Pages: 400
Genre: Coming of Age

When a father gives to his son, they both laugh. When a son gives to his father, they both cry.

It’s the 1962 World Series. New York Yankees versus San Francisco Giants. Tropical storm Freda has delayed the crucial sixth game in San Francisco. It’s dry as a bone in Modesto, California, where the Yankees have a farm team and a field named after Yankee owner Del Webb. A flurry of phone calls leads to a bus ride to the Central Valley town of 30,000. On October 14th, 1962, a crowd of more than 5,000 fills the small minor league park. This once-in-a-lifetime event features eight future Hall of Famers. Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle from the Yankees; Orlando Cepeda, Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal and Gaylord Perry from the Giants.

One of the fans is thirteen-year-old Mikey Wright. Unlike the rest of the spectators, he’s not there to see his idol and namesake, Mickey Mantle. He’s there to convince the Commerce Comet to play catch with Mikey’s father, who is dying of cancer.

Getaway Day chronicles Mikey’s journey to save his father’s life. And learn the meaning of his own.

Getaway Day will appeal to Baby Boomers, young adults, and anyone who loves baseball and remembers the joy and sorrow of adolescence.

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others is, and remains, immortal.

Getaway Day Sell Sheet (pdf)

Getaway Day Sell Sheet2 (pdf)

About the Author:
Getaway Day AuthorKen recently retired from the worlds of advertising, corporate communications, and interactive entertainment to concentrate on writing and community service.

He received his A.A. degree at Modesto Junior College, his B.A. and teaching credential at UC Davis, and his M.A. at San Francisco State University. He has taught mass communications and film appreciation at Modesto Junior College.

Born in Lathrop and raised in Modesto, California, he continues to live in his home town. He is married to Robin and has two adult step-sons, Tyler and Eric. He is the author of four novels, fourteen screenplays, two stage plays, a short story collection, and one sitcom pilot. Most of his stories are about his home town and the Central Valley heartland.

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