Mystery Adventure – Lions and Christians

Lions and ChristiansLions and Christians
Bill Reyner Mystery Adventure
Volume 5
By Wentworth M. Johnson
Publisher: I & W Johnson Books
ISBN: 978-1493680399
Published: November 2013
Pages: 246
Genre: Mystery, Mystery Adventure

Bill takes a paid holiday at a hunting lodge in northern Ontario. Is it a paradise with everything a rich man could ever dream of? Underlying the pleasure stirs the hand of the very devil himself offering only misery and murder. Inexorably drawn into a bizarre trap Bill starts a revolution in an attempt to avoid death and disaster and in so doing finds yet another hidden treasure. With the life of both Gran and his new girlfriend in the balance, Bill must find a way off the island and somehow prove that crimes are freely committed at the lodge.

About the Author:
Wentworth M. Johnson (born 1939) is a Canadian writer of a large number of science fiction and mystery adventure novels. He was born in March, Cambridgeshire, England. W.M. Johnson is the great grandson of William Edward Bourne 1850-1925 (Playwright, dramatist and theatrical producer). In the RAF Wentworth worked with the Ghurkha regiment reclaiming Borneo after it had been invaded by Indonesia and later as navigator with 1125 Marine Craft unit, chasing pirates in the South China Sea. Spent two years in Nairobi on international communications and handed the small station over to the Kenyan Army. Leaving the Royal Air Force in 1967 Wentworth M. Johnson immigrated to Canada and worked in a lumber factory for a short while. He then spent five years working in a munitions factory and laboratory after a disagreement with the boss walked out and immediately got a job with a local television station and worked there for some twenty-eight years, until he took early retirement in the year 2000.Since his retirement he has spent his time building flying scale model aircraft, playing the Bagpipes and any woodwind instrument, collecting British postage stamps and of course he has continued to write. As an author Wentworth M. Johnson lifelong passions have been writing and English history with a love for the medieval period.

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Thriller – Red Star Over Pattaya

Red Star Over PattayaRed Star Over Pattaya
By Robert B. Boeder
ISBN: 978-1496171993
Published: March 2014
Pages: 486
Genre: Thriller

Private Investigator Wilson Smith discovers two women brutally murdered on Pattaya Beach. It’s the work of Russian thugs also engaged in extortion, gambling, child and adult prostitution, torture, robbery and bribery, among other activities. Wilson’s not qualified to investigate serious crimes so he turns for help to Punya, a former Royal Thai Police homicide detective and recovering alcoholic. A kidnapping and a beheading complicate matters as Pattaya lives up to its reputation as a sexually-charged international amusement park.

About the Author:
Red Star Over Pattaya AuthorRobert B. Boeder divides his time between Thailand and Colorado. He’s the author of Zambezi River Bridge. A Thriller, about the Zimbabwe liberation war; two novels set in Silverton, Colorado, The Chinese Laundry. A Novel of the San Juan Mountains and Silverton Burning; and two non-fiction books about long distance trail running, Beyond the Marathon. The Grand Slam of Trail Ultrarunning and Hardrock Fever. Running 100 Miles in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains. He likes to ski in the winter, run in the summer, and eat Thai food year-round.

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Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys

Secrets in the Fairy ChimneysSecrets in the Fairy Chimneys
By Linda Frank
Publisher: Archway Publishing
ISBN: 978-1480805576
Published: February 2014
Pages: 274
Genre: YA Mystery

A young detective volunteering at an archeological dig in Turkey embarks on another adventure where she must unravel an ancient mystery and solve the Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys.

Amateur sleuth Annie Tillery has been warned to stay away from Nevshehir, Turkey, where she is heading to meet her boyfriend, Ty Egan, and Cedric Zeeks, Ty’s best friend. Intent on helping the two excavate an archeological site where they hope to link human remains to the first African ancestors, Annie does her best to shakes her foreboding feelings as her plane lands in Istanbul and she prepares to embark on her next adventure.

But when a stranger claims he is there to pick her up and then disappears once he sees Ty, Annie is immediately thrown back into worry mode—especially after Ty tells her there is unexplained tension surrounding the dig and she receives a threatening note at the hotel. Still, as the three head to Nevshehir, Annie is buoyed by the excitement surrounding ancient Turkey and the possibility of uncovering secrets. The dig is plagued by accidents and theft, however, and the three friends, assisted by the head archeologist’s twins, must search the ancient city of Istanbul and the caves of fantastic Cappadocia to find who is sabotaging their work.

In this young adult thriller, detective Annie Tillery must once again walk on a dangerous path in an attempt to unravel a complicated mystery and solve the secrets in the fairy chimneys.

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Other Books in the Annie Tillery Mystery Series:

The Madonna Ghost
ISBN: 978-1440190742

Seventeen-year-old Annie Tillery and her Aunt Jill set off for Long Island’s Fire Island for a vacation of surf, sun, and sailing. Annie is happy to leave behind the stress of her relationship with her parents. Aunt Jill, who is an NYPD detective, is mixing her vacation with a case she must keep secret from Annie, who is suspicious nevertheless. Annie finds romance and intrigue when she meets Ty Egan, the nephew of their host on the island. They find themselves in the middle of an eerie adventure when she and Ty investigate the tragic and perplexing story of a local ghost.

Annie becomes increasingly uneasy and the investigation turns sinister when Aunt Jill goes missing, the ghost appears, and the troublesome neighbors in the cottage next door become hostile. When they find one of Aunt Jill’s special earrings on the neighbor’s porch, they begin to wonder what she was doing there. Will they find Aunt Jill before it’s too late? In the breathless conclusion to their investigation, Annie and Ty narrowly escape death solving the mystery of The Madonna Ghost.

Girl with Pencil, Drawing
ISBN: 978-1450285391

Seventeen-year-old amateur detective Annie Tillery is at it again. After she wins a series of art lessons at a prestigious art gallery, Annie shows up for her first lesson to find her instructor, Francesca Gabrielli, in a volatile argument with John DiCristiani, the art gallery’s director, over his incessant requests for her to illegally copy art masterpieces. Unwittingly, Annie is about to be drawn into the illicit, treacherous, and unpredictable world of art forgery.

When the gallery director is found murdered in cold blood, Francesca becomes the prime suspect and calls upon Annie to help solve the crime. As Annie and her NYPD detective aunt, Jill Tillery, brave the dangers of an international art fraud ring in an attempt to clear Francesca’s name, they soon realize that the key to solving the case revolves around a mysterious brownstone in Brooklyn whose inhabitants present tantalizing and elusive clues.

As Annie and company attempt to stay one step ahead of DiCristiani’s murderer, they manage to escape one deadly trap after another. The stakes are high in the glamorous yet dangerous world of illegal artwork trafficking. Annie must solve the crime before it is too late.

About the Author:
Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys authorLINDA MARIA FRANK is retired from a lifelong career teaching the sciences. She resides on Long Island, where she is currently writing the Annie Tillery Mysteries series, which includes The Madonna Ghost; Girl with Pencil, Drawing and Secrets in the Fairy Chimneys. She also produces the television show The Writer’s Dream and serves as an active member of several writers’ groups.

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Benghazi and Beyond

Benghazi and BeyondBenghazi and Beyond
By Dennis Mansfield & Ryan Pacheco
Publisher: Endurance Press
Published: April 2014
Pages: 324
Genre: Military Thriller

Isaac Jones is a Major in the US Army assigned to a Ranger Battalion. He’s approached with a simple question, “If you could do something about the attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the murder of four American citizens on September 11, 2012, would you?”

After agreeing to take on the task he finds it’s just the beginning of his nation calling on his services to protect the homeland. Including a new threat from North Korea and someone with a grudge against former President Ronald Reagan putting many lives around the world in danger.

“Benghazi and Beyond” takes our hero all over the globe including Iran, North Korea, South Korea, Germany, England, Hungary, Grenada, and other exotic locations.

Get lost with Isaac Jones in this action filled political thriller by Dennis Mansfield and Ryan Pacheco.

About the Authors:

Ryan Pacheco works in law enforcement in the North West. He has a passion for writing and is a fan political thrillers.  He is married and has three children and two grandchildren.  This is his first of what he hopes to be many adventures in writing.

Dennis Mansfield is a passionate man of progress. As a business coach, author and speaker, Dennis has been honored to touch many lives. He lives in Boise, ID with his bride, Susan.

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Rise of The Black Hand

Rise of The Black HandRise of the Black Hand
By C.J. Fella
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 978-1494979126
Published: March 2014
Pages: 308
Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

In this business it pays to be smooth, hard as nails and tough as they come. Unfortunately for me—I’m not. Luckily, I can wield sarcasm as well as any weapon, and I’m not afraid to use either of them. When that fails—and it usually does—there’s no substitute for a sucker-punch. So sit back and let me tell you how this nightmare came about and made me one of the most infamous agents to ever put on a badge.

But let me warn you right up front. I’m not suave enough to get a woman out of her clothes just by smiling at her. If that’s what you’re after, Ian’s Bond has got you covered. I’m not smooth enough to pull off most of these capers without having to fire a shot. There are guys out there good enough, like Spade and Marlowe, but that’s not me either. And I’m not one of those guys that’s so damn tough that even when he gets his ass kicked you just know—you know—he’s gonna be back to finish off the bastards that did it. If that’s what you’re after, then nobody—but nobody—drops the hammer, like Hammer.

I’m the guy that has to get in there and get his hands dirty—filthy. The one that has to bust his ass and use everything he can to come out of it alive. It ain’t always pretty, but I get the job done. And don’t worry, I’m going to give you a little something in return, because I can promise you one thing—you’ll be laughing on the first page—in the first paragraph. If you’re not, then put it down and never pick it up again. Oh—and have a couple of aspirin handy, because my fights are so damn brutal that just reading about them is going to make your ribs hurt. You’ve been warned. Don’t come crying to me about it later. Now, where was I?

It was the year 2229, and the world was still recovering from the Planetary Civil War, which ended just a few years earlier. We’d made computers and androids so smart that it was time to ask ourselves the big questions—are they life forms? The answer was yes—but it didn’t come so easy—enter the war. But that’s another story. The war was over, and I was one guy that sure wasn’t going to miss it. The economy was booming around the galaxy and the future looked bright, at least for most of us. As a soldier returning to my hometown of Seattle, Washington, and with a shiny badge that said, Special Agent Thomas Morelli, I found myself running a small satellite office right in my own neighborhood with my lifelong friends, Eddie Shannon, and Champ, the most cantankerous, ornery android to ever roll off the assembly line. Our beat was on level one, hundreds of stories beneath the glittering lights of the skyscrapers that reach to the heavens.

On a day that started off like any other, I got my ass kicked by some local gangsters on my way to the office. But my day picked up as Eddie and I were hired by a neighborhood friend, Lisa Riker, to locate her father, Paul. He was a worker at one of the nearby dock warehouses, and he’d vanished a week earlier without a trace. An after-hours stroll by the warehouse landed us in a fire-fight as we tried to dig up Paul’s location. The only clue lead us to suspect the involvement of one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in history—The Black Hand. That’s right, the same gang that assassinated Archduke Ferdinand and started World War One. Now they were back, centuries later. But this time it was different–this was my town–and they just stuck their hand in the wrong cookie jar.

If you want to know more, you can either read my book, or come look me up in downtown Seattle. I know a great place where you can buy me a beer.–Thomas J. Morelli

Rise of the Black Hand Sell Sheet (pdf)

Rise of the Black Hand AuthorAbout the Author:
C.J. is a lifetime resident of Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where he attended college and graduate school, and currently works as an auditor for his home state. Raised on classical literature, his interests turned to the radio serials of the early 1900’s, and the pulp era. Inspired by Isaac Asimov, Mickey Spillane and Robert B. Parker, C.J. blended the science fiction and hard-boiled detective genres for his debut novel, Rise Of The Black Hand. When he’s not working or writing, C.J. is likely to be reading, playing video games, or listening to classic old time radio serials.

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