Humorous Sports Fiction – Slammin’

By Marcus Paul Cootsona
Publisher: Pro Tennis Press
ISBN: 978-1496082404
Published: May 2014
Pages: 246
Genre: Humorous Sports Fiction

SLAMMIN’ takes place in a different 2011.  Fifty-three year-old tennis pro and family man, Wally Wilson is happily teaching Silicon Valley’s millionaires and billionaires at the double-wide estate of his temptress and benefactor, 17 year-old Ashley Margincall.  But when Wally’s serve speed spikes and unidentified government agents appear, he begins a pro tennis odyssey that might lead him to the U.S. Open or the twisted nexus of a Grand Slam conspiracy.  Strangely blessed, but always behind the curve, Wally realizes he’s been given all the power, but none of the control.

Slammin’ Sell Sheet (pdf)

Recent Praise for Slammin’:
“Marcus Cootsona hits a clean winner with Slammin’.” – Jon Wertheim, Sports Illustrated.

“Slammin’ has the sort of wacky charm that keeps a reader following Wally’s excellent adventure as the plot, like the pro circuit, curves around like a snake eating its own tail.” – Michael Mewshaw, Inside Tennis.

“The world constructed by Cootsona feels very alive, and even in the face of the most bizarre dangers of the book a laugh can somehow be found.” – Self-Publishing Review.

About the Author:
Slammin AuthorMarcus Paul Cootsona is a tennis professional, lapsed playwright and the author of Occam’s Racquet – 12 Simple Steps To Smarter Tennis.  He is a contributor to Inside Tennis magazine, and a member of the Wilson Advisory Staff.  He lives with in Northern California his wife and two sublime, ridiculous dogs.  He is not a former Navy SEAL.

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Education and Special Education – Facilitating Early Social Communication Skills: From Theory to Practice

Facilitating Early Social Communication SkillsFacilitating Early Social Communication Skills: From Theory to Practice
By Pamela Rosenthal Rollins, MS, CCC-SLP, EdD
Publisher: AAPC Publishing
ISBN: 978-1937473846
Published: September 2014
Genre: Education and Special Education

Facilitating Early Communication, Language, and Social Skills: From Theory to Practice, presents a developmental social-pragmatic approach to facilitating language and social communication in children. Reflecting the principles of the SCERTS model (Social Communication Emotional Regulation and Transactional Supports; Prizant et al.), it makes a major contribution to the training and support of young children on the autism spectrum, ages 3-5. While the focus is on the preschool environment, suggestions are provided for how to extend the approach to the home and other environments where the child spends time. The textbook is divided into five chapters representing the theoretical and organizational framework of social pragmatic intervention as well as 12 instructional units each focused on a particular theme chosen to be developmentally appropriate and functional in the lives of children such as bedtime, birthdays, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

Facilitating Early Social Communication Skills Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Facilitating Early Social Communication Skills AuthorPam Rollins, MS, EdD, CCC-SLP, is an associate professor of communication disorders at the University of Texas at Dallas, Callier Center for Communication Disorders. She was a recipient of the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation’s First Investigators Award (1995) and was twice named Callier Scholar of the Year (2001 and 2004). Dr. Rollins has dedicated more than 30 years to education, research, teaching and clinical practice towards understanding, identifying and treating children with ASD. Dr. Rollins has also authored numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and several book chapters.

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Mystery Suspense – Skeleton Trail

Skeleton TrailSkeleton Trail
A Riverview Mystery, Book Two
By Kasey Riley
Publisher: Webb Lane Enterprises
Published: August 2014
ISBN: 978-1500863265
Pages: 299
Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Bethany and Roger Meadows plan for a bright future, a guest camp and pack station that will cater to horse owners and adventure campers. The campgrounds, cabins, stables, and pavilion are ready, but there are no trails for the guests to explore.

Bethany and Megan venture into the woods to mark a trail, but a frightening accident brings her face to skull with a mummified corpse. She sends Megan and Kam out to guide FBI Forensic specialist David Harrison to the location of the body. After Megan leaves, an unknown shooter attempts to keep the murder a mystery.

Agent David Harrison finds when the bullets start flying Kam leads him to an abandoned cabin where they wait out the storm and the shooter. He discovers he wants to explore their shared heritage, in private.

With the evidence they uncovered in the cabin and the corpse itself, the mystery unfolds and the connections to current day become clearer. Crimes of the distant past link to crimes of the closer past and even to crimes of the present; blackmail, extortion, arson, and murder attempts link the body and some of the current residents of Riverview. David and Kam work with Megan and Aaron to uncover connections and reveal what occurred so long ago and how it might affect people in the town today.

David and Kam grow closer with each new danger, coming to appreciate the similarities in their pasts and the differences that draw them to each other. Once all the mysteries are solved, can they find a way to become a lasting couple, or will her past interfere with their future?

This book, like the first Riverview mystery, Desperate Endurance, shows the values and cohesiveness of small town and rural America. People are willing to help each other and sacrifice as needed to keep each other safe in a very rugged and unforgiving land.

Other books in the Riverview Mystery series:

Skeleton Trail2Desperate Endurance
A Riverview Mystery, Book One
ISBN: 978-1493754939
Published: January 2014
Pages: 348
Genre: Mystery/Suspense

Wrong place, wrong time.

If the sun hadn’t been blinding her as she drove, if she’d left the Indian Territory 50 ride camp on Saturday after the ride, if she wasn’t set on completing rides in each region of the AERC, hell – if she hadn’t divorced Bobby; any one of these possibilities and she would have missed witnessing the murder of Richard Meadows.

Once it happened, there was no way to go back; so Bethany had to move forward. Changing her appearance she’s trying her best to avoid the killers while she does what the dying man had begged her to do. Take the papers from his PO Box to his son, after making certain Roger was not part of the plot against him.

When she arrives in Riverview, she is accepted by the townsfolk for two reasons. First because a local recommends her and second because since her arrival, Roger Meadows is smiling.

The widower has spent the last five years grieving the loss of his young wife to cancer. Now, his protective instincts and romantic interests are stirred by the arrival of Bethany. When he discovers that two mysterious men in a black SUV are chasing her, Roger sets Bethany up in the guest cabin on his ranch to protect her. While he’s not quite certain why these men are searching for her, he feels the need to keep her safe.

Soon, attempts are made to kidnap her in broad daylight, twice; why is she important to them?

The final chase involves Bethany trying to make it to the safety of town after the mastermind attacks at the R-M. Can she make it before he catches her?

This is a story of strength, courage, and the special qualities shown in the sport of Endurance as well as showing the unique qualities of small town America. Horses and long trails; trust and support of your neighbors all feature in this suspense novel.

About the Author:
Skeleton Trail AuthorKasey (Kim) Riley is an equestrienne with over twenty years of horse ownership, endurance riding, and rural living. Her writing reflects all of these values and experiences. Her characters are down to earth people and the situations are mostly plausible in modern day America. Her goals are to entertain her readers while exposing them to her sport as well as the possibilities of life. Her riding gives her ideas every time she mounts up and heads into the woods or out on the open trails of Oklahoma. Her competitive spirit has been dampened in the past year by her writing goals. She has mostly retired from her favorite Endurance Rides down to occasional Limited Distance and frequent trail rides with friends. Her Missouri Foxtrotting Horse is happily getting fat in the pasture while his rider sits at her computer, but that is bound to change with the coming cooler season.

She plans to continue with more books based in Riverview, CO. Some will be mysteries, maybe a romance or two, some may even use endurance again as a background for the suspense. All will feature believable characters who live normal lives and experience unusual situations. While her goal is to find an agent and publishing house, she will continue to self-publish until she finds the best person to represent her and her style of writing. Her first two novels, DESPERATE ENDURANCE and SKELETON TRAIL are being well received and the reader reviews have been great.

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YA Fantasy – The Six, and the Crystals of Ialana

The Six, and the Crystals of IalanaThe Six, and the Crystals of Ialana
The Ialana Series Book 1
By Katlynn Brooke
Published: May 2014
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Is it magic, or is it science? The Six are about to find out. Life will never be the same for them again as the collective dreams that six young people share turns into a nightmare. Three boys are kidnapped by soldiers in a mandatory draft: Jarah, a baker’s boy, and best friends Adain and Blaidd. They are helped by a soldier, Tristan, whose treasonous actions find them all on the run from the vicious Captain Eglog. As they flee towards the mountains, they are joined by three girls: Kex, a young girl whose parents have threatened murder if she refuses to marry, Tegan, the shoemaker’s daughter, and Djana, a tomboyish socialite from the City of Rhiannon. They encounter a shape-shifter named Irusan under whose tutelage they begin to understand that they can never return to their previous lives.

The young people learn that if they do not recover the Healing Crystal and insure its security, all of Ialana could be pitched into darkness. And when they learn what their true identity is, a betrayal that none of them expected to happen again threatens to defeat them.

The Six will find adventures they never dreamed about; adventures that take them to dark places where danger lurks at every step. They will also discover the answers to who they really are: answers that will shock and amaze them as their journey unfolds.

The Six, and the Crystals of Ialana  2The Six, and the Gardeners of Ialana
The Ialana Series Book 2
By Katlynn Brooke
Published: August 2014
Genre: YA Fantasy

In the second of the Ialana series, The Six have escaped the destruction of the Citadel in Rhiannon, but they find themselves caught in a power struggle between the competing rulers of Ialana. Unable to complete their healing mission, to heal those who were genetically altered by crystal manipulation, they flee the Galonese War-Lord, Ortzi, and attempt a dangerous journey back to their homes in northern Ialana.

Trapped by malevolent creatures, hunted by a monster who seeks them for reasons of its own, and on the run from a king and a conniving shape-shifter, there seems to be no place of safety for them.

Will they find the mysterious abode of the Gardeners? Who are the Gardeners, and what is their purpose for the Six? Will The Six be able to find Queen Catrin, who sets off on a quest of her own, or will Catrin run afoul of her husband, King Brenin, before she can find The Six?

In the Gardeners of Ialana, the Six explore the mysteries of healing, elemental command, and through many trials, learn their true purpose in life.

About the Author:
The Six, and the Crystals of Ialana AuthorKatlynn Brooke is an upcoming author of fiction that includes young adult fantasy, and a novel about Africa during WW2.

Katlynn was born and raised in Zimbabwe and currently lives in Virginia, USA. She is also a watercolor artist who coaches adult artists in this medium.

Since writing her debut novel, she has branched out into the genre of young adult fantasy fiction, and her first novel in this genre, The Six, and the Crystals of Ialana, is the precursor to more of the series. The second book in the series, “The Six and the Gardeners of Ialana” is also available on Amazon.

Katlynn has spent much of her own life on a spiritual journey of healing and self-discovery. This inner world of truth-seeking has inspired her fantasy novels; fast-paced adventures that will keep the reader engaged to the last page. The Six series are allegorical tales that take place in the fictional world of Ialana. The protagonists are all teens and young adults, and their own journey takes them from one end of Ialana to the other where they too are on a quest to find the knowledge that was once common but now is mostly forgotten and to re-discover exactly what their mission is.

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Fantasy – Bob the Bubble Gum Spider

Bob the Bubble Gum SpikerBob the Bubble Gum Spider
By Gary E. Marche
Publisher: BookBaby
Published: March 2014
ISBN: 978-1483522098
Genre: Fantasy Fiction

Bob the Bubble Gum Spider is a spellbinding account of a physically challenged hatch-ling orb weaver named Bob and an evil organization of black widow spiders called the Immaculate Order of the Web that requires him killed . . . but the black widows are after a lot more than just Bob.

The IOW seeks to subjugate the world and the hairy two-legs are very much in their way . . . and the black widows of the IOW are not tolerant of that which is in their way:

“Nedra was always of the mind that she could handle things herself and had come up with a few solutions of her own.  For one, she was fondly considering eating some of the no-account, malingering pledging priests, starting with Osiris.  That would surely provide the rest with the proper incentive to be more productive.  Of course, she had another solution that was even simpler and required no action on her part:  She dearly wished the forest would catch fire and burn.”

Bob and his associates try to defend themselves, but can they save the hairy two-legs?

Bob the Bubble Gum Spider Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the author:
Bob the Bubble Gum Spider AuthorGary E. Marche is an economist with several interdisciplinary journal articles and textbooks. Bob the Bubble Gum Spider is his first novel and he says writing it was quite an experience. His wife, Mary spent a lot of time editing the manuscript and his daughter, E’lan had a lot of constructive input as well.

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