Zack’s Choice

Zack's ChoiceZack’s Choice
By Harry E. Gilleland, Jr
ISBN: 978-1495983290
Published: February 2014
Pages: 182
Genre: Crime Mystery

Zack’s Choice is a crime-mystery with a dash of humor and a bit of sex fictional novel available both as a print paperback and an e-book. Zackery Gresham has his life all planned. His mother is a lawyer; his father is a federal judge; and he is Pre-Law at Yale, with Harvard Law School to follow before he joins his mother’s prestigious law firm. He plans to marry his high school and Yale girlfriend once he graduates from Law School. During a school break Zack takes a once-in-a-lifetime motorcycle trip through the southern states. In New Mexico he has a chance encounter with a strange hitchhiker. The resulting chaos will bring Zack face-to-face with a choice that could alter his life forever. A quick, fun read!

Recent Reviews & Praise for Zack’s Choice:
“Zack’s Choice is literate, fun, and entirely unpredictable, and I enjoyed it immensely.” from Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

“The total package has cinematic appeal – especially when you throw a sexy romance into the mix. Zack’s Choice is sure to appeal to anyone who likes a well-told tale about clever, risk-taking characters in love and in danger.” – Posted in Palmetto Review

“This book will keep you guessing at all the twists and turns right up until the very end.” from Kristi Benedict of The Feathered Quill Reviews.

Zack's Choice Harry GillelandAbout the Author:
Harry E. Gilleland, Jr. is an award-winning poet and author who lives with his wife Linda in Shreveport, Louisiana. At age 69, Harry is retired from his career as a Professor of Microbiology and now engages in writing full-time. “Zack’s Choice” is Harry’s ninth published book.


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Questioning Protocol

Questioning ProtocolQuestioning Protocol
By Randi Redmond Oster
Publisher: Well Path Press
ISBN: 978-0989912006
Published: May 2014
Pages: 280
Genre: Health, Family Health

Questioning Protocol is a healthcare solutions book from a mom’s perspective. Now, everyone can use the same techniques to help cope with a healthcare crisis. Randi Redmond Oster shares the tips, tools, and tricks from her corporate experience, engineering skills, and compassion for her son, for navigating the broken healthcare system. Learn how she maintains control when her healthcare crisis seems overwhelming. Discover how she creates a high-performing healthcare team focused on her son. Understand how she manipulates the hierarchy of the healthcare system to help improve her son’s care. See how she finds ways to feel grateful, even when her world seems upside down.

Questioning Protocol Sell Sheet (pdf)

Awards Questioning Protocol Has Received:

Pinnacle Book Award Winner for the Health Category Spring 2014
2014 Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist

Questioning Protocol also received a 5 Star review from Reader’s Favorite.

About the Author:
Questioning Protocol - Randi-OsterRandi Redmond Oster is the award winning author of Questioning Protocol, which helps patients navigate the healthcare system and medical professionals understand the patient perspective. Randi spent the first 18 years of her career in GE working on complex aerospace systems and building profitable financial services businesses. She received a Black Belt in Six Sigma Quality and numerous leadership awards. The skills gained in GE empowered her to effectively navigate the healthcare system and find opportunities for process improvements, as she advocated for her chronically ill son in the hospital. Today, she is a Malcolm Baldrige Examiner focusing on healthcare and a leading speaker on healthcare reform, shared decision making and patient engagement.

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Questioning Protocol with awards

Tenth Degree of the Paranormal

Tenth Degree of the ParanormalTenth Degree of the Paranormal
By Brenda Stinnett
ISBN: 978-1495390807
Pages: 362
Published: May 2014
Genre: Paranormal Suspense

Hell hath no fury like a mother threatened in Brenda Stinnett’s new novel, Tenth Degree of the Paranormal.

Whether a hunch, intuition, or something more sinister, Barbara knew she had no choice. Self-deception was no longer an option—comfortable, but not an option. She knew each denial she’d ever made left a scar on her soul, each one more painful than the last.

An epic battle between good and evil pits a mother who struggles to deny her paranormal powers against a megalomaniac intent on world destruction.

Barbara Stevens has always been different. But her inability to accept herself and all the mysterious powers she possesses has not stopped her young daughter, Tiffany, from embracing her own powers. Kidnapped by a group intent on honing and harvesting these paranormal powers in order to create a super race, suspicion soon grows that Tiffany may, in fact, possess the ten highest paranormal abilities–a possibility that threatens to open the gates of hell itself.

Tenth Degree of the Paranormal Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Brenda Stinnett earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology before launching a twenty-year teaching career.

A member of Romance Writers of America, Stinnett’s previous works include The King’s Vampire, based on Charles Stuart.

A lifelong traveler, Stinnett currently lives with her husband in Florida where she writes full time.


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Other Books by Brenda Stinnett:

The King’s Vampire
ISBN: 978-1619351929
Published: March 2014
Pages: 268
Genre: Paranormal Vampire Romance

Elizabeth Curran would move heaven and earth to cast aside the bondage of being a vampire. Turned into a vampire by her husband nearly one hundred years ago, she knows that in two months time, her fate will be sealed and she’ll no longer be able to recapture her soul. She can’t believe it’s her destiny to remain a vampire forever.

Darius Einhard, once a vampire, has been proclaimed a demon slayer by his former liege, Charlemagne. He’ll fight any battle to protect Elizabeth from the psychic vampire demons who want to use her in order to turn Charles II of England into a vampire who will serve them for eternity. These psychic vampires are demons come from the abyss of hell. They’ll use Charles’s weakness for beautiful women to entrap him into vampirism and rule the world through him.

In order for Elizabeth to recapture her soul, her forgiveness and redemption must transcend time, and she and Darius must depend on faith and love to battle evil and forever slam shut the abyss opened by the psychic vampire demons.

Desolation Row

Desolation RowDesolation Row
By Kay Kendall
Publisher: Stairway Press
ISBN: 978-0985994211
Published: March 2013
Pages: 258
Genre: Mystery

Alone, far from home, young Texan bride Austin Starr must track down a killer. Her husband is jailed for a murder he didn’t commit, and then she also becomes a captive. Danger stalks two young lives and a new marriage. This fraught love story rages through social upheaval and anti-war protests. Canada in 1968—shockingly hazardous!

About the Author:
Kay Kendall is an international award-winning public relations executive who lives in Texas with her Canadian husband, four house rabbits, and spaniel Wills. A fan of historical mysteries, she wants to do for the 1960s what novelist Alan Furst does for Europe in the 1930s–write atmospheric mysteries that capture the spirit of a controversial era.


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A Tucson Kid Western Book Series

A Tucson Kid Western Book Series

Storm Rider
Storm Rider
Book 1, A Tucson Kid Western
By Richard Dawes
Publisher: Melange Books
ISBN: 978-61235-724-9
Published: January 2014
Pages: 127
Genre: Western, Men’s Action, Adventure

The Tucson Kid is called to the northwest by the Great Northern Fur Company to go after one of their partners, Rex Normanson, who has gone rogue. Tucson must fight his way up the Stick River against all the forces that Normanson will send against him. During the journey, he will have to deal with the growing tension between himself and his chief of security, Joe Personelli, a master gunfighter and a killer, along with his increasing attraction to Sophie Halloway, a beautiful half-Indian woman who is the only person who can guide Tucson to Rex Normanson’s stronghold. Storm Rider is an action-packed adventure story where the Tucson Kid discovers that nothing is as it seems.

Storm Rider Sell Sheet (pdf)

stormrider2Death Song
Book 2, A Tucson Kid Western
Author Richard Dawes
Publisher: Melange Books
ISBN: 978-1612358000
Published: January 2014
Pages: 166
Genre: Western, Men’s Action, Adventure

The Tucson Kid is sentenced to death when he’s accused of murder after killing a man in a gunfight. He’s bought out of his sentence by a woman who has a job for him. A bandit is holding something over her father, and she asks Tucson to infiltrate his gang to discover what it is. Tucson is pitted alone against the outlaws and must face the bandit chief in a battle to the death.

Death Song Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Richard Dawes was born and raised in California and now resides in a small town in Texas. After a tour of duty in the Marine Corps, he spent fifteen years in management in the Moving and Storage, Computer, and Credit Union industries. He started writing short stories as a boy and has written several historical novels. A long time student of Native American traditions, he includes positive references to those traditions throughout the Tucson Kid series. Other sub-themes explored in the series are authentic masculinity, relationships and power.