Aging Parents Memoir – Being My Mom’s Mom

Being My Moms MomBeing My Mom’s Mom
By Loretta Anne Woodward Veney
Publisher: Infinity Publishing
ISBN: 978-0741482105
Pages: 171
Genre: Aging Parents, Autobiography, Caregiving

Throughout her life, Loretta Anne Woodward Veney, author of Being My Mom’s Mom, has chronicled family events through journals, photos, and videos, seeking to capture every moment. After learning that her beloved mother Doris was the first female in the family to suffer from dementia, Loretta began documenting the details of doctor visits, and recording people, places, and things as a substitute for lost memory. Loretta, a motivational teacher and trainer, who has delivered speeches and presentations and conducted workshops throughout the U.S. and Europe, through her book, her first published work, offers a wealth of encouragement.

“Being My Mom’s Mom” invites readers on Loretta’s personal journey before and after the onset of her Mom’s dementia. Personal vignettes highlight the heartache and humor in this life-changing disease. She offers strategies from real experience for building the best care team for loved ones, increasing one’s capacity for patience, and making the most of every day. Loretta confirms the difficulty of acknowledging when it’s time to become the “parent of a parent”. She also offers hope that loving relationships with dementia sufferers can continue, even in the realization that the past is forgotten, and the future is the present.

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About the Author:
Being My Moms Mom AuthorLoretta Veney is a communications, leadership and management training professional with 30 years of experience. Her training sessions are always informative and engaging, resulting in dramatic improvement in employee performance. Loretta has delivered presentations and courses throughout the United States and Europe ranging in length from sixty minutes to more than eighty hours. Loretta is the ultimate professional who delivers each presentation with enthusiasm.


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Coming of Age Young Adult – Still, At Your Door

Still, At Your DoorStill, At Your Door
By Emma Eden Ramos
Publisher: Writers AMuse Me Publishing
ISBN: 978-1927044940
Pages: 138
Published: November 2013
Genre: Young Adult, New Adult, Literary Fiction, Women’s Fiction

Sabrina “Bri” Gibbons has only a few short minutes to pack her things and help her sisters pack theirs before running with their mother to the bus that will whisk them away from Butler, Pennsylvania, an abusive relationship, and a secret that none of them wish to acknowledge. She was not prepared, though, for her mother to drop them on the streets of New York with the promise that she would be right back. Haunted by the sight of her mother running back to the cab, Bri, with Missy and Grace in tow, settles in with their grandparents. Thoughts of her present and her future collide with memories of her past, her dead father, and her mother’s bizarre episodes. She watches her sister’s struggle with school and acceptance, all the while knowing the lack of any sense of security will make it impossible for them to carry on as ‘normal’ children. She finally lets her guard down enough to allow someone else in and sees a faint glimmer that her dreams might be attainable. Disaster strikes again, this time targeting her sister. Is it possible for Bri to find that balance between her dreams and her family’s realities?

About the Author:
Still At Your Door AuthorEmma Eden Ramos is a writer from New York City. Her middle grade novella titled The Realm of the Lost was published in 2012 by MuseItUp Publishing. Her short stories have appeared in Stories for Children Magazine, The Legendary, The Citron Review, BlazeVOX Journal, and other journals. Ramos’ novelette, “Where the Children Play,” was included in Resilience: Stories, Poems, Essays, Words for LGBT Teens, edited by Eric Nguyen. Three Women: A Poetic Triptych and Selected Poems (Heavy Hands Ink, 2011), Ramos’ first poetry chapbook, was shortlisted for the 2011 Independent Literary Award in Poetry. Still, At Your Door: A Fictional Memoir (Writers AMuse Me Publishing, 2014) is Ramos’ third book. Emma Eden Ramos also studies psychology at Marymount Manhattan College.

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Marketing/Business – Home Health Marketing: Play to Win

Home Health MarketingHome Health Marketing: Play to Win
By Jerry Shults
ISBN: 978-1494750817
Published: May 2014
Genre: Marketing

Whether you’re a college student on the verge of entering the world of medical marketing, a seasoned marketer transitioning into the field of healthcare, or simply someone curious about the latest marketing trends, Home Health Marketing has something for you.

Brimming with anecdotes, statistics, practical tips, and immediately actionable steps, author and professional home health marketer Jerry Shults shares his years of experience in the business like he’s having a sit-down conversation with you.

Starting with the basics, Shults takes you step by step through the process of understanding and building your career in home health marketing. But he doesn’t stop there. Knowing from experience the importance of not only getting new clients, but also developing regular clients, he provides follow-up strategies and describes how customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you maintain your client base. Shults even shares some of his mistakes to help you see the importance of being professional and preserving good relationships within the industry.

Learn how to be financially successful and emotionally prepared for the long game with Home Health Marketing: Play to Win.

Home Health Marketing Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Home Health Marketing Author

A graduate from Texas A&M University, Jerry Shults is a successful business owner, published author, and a respected leader in his community. Shults served on city council in League City, Texas, and then served as mayor from 2005 to 2008. During his tenure as mayor, League City was voted one of the top one hundred small cities to live in. After completing his service in League City, Shults started a home healthcare company with his daughters in Austin. As CEO, he has guided Capitol Home Health to become one of Texas’s Best Companies To Work For, as named by the Texas Business Journal. When he isn’t traveling nationally, teaching, or learning about the growing home healthcare industry, Shults resides in Austin with his family.

Known for his conversational writing style and passion for the healthcare profession, Shults has thus far written two helpful guides: The Illusion of Control and Home Health Marketing: Play to Win.

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Family – Dadprovement

A Journey from Careerist to Adoptive Father to a Real Husband and Dad
By Patrick R. Riccards
Publisher: Turning Stone Press
ISBN: 978-1618520845
Published: July 2014
Genre: Family

When Riccards suddenly (and inexplicably) loses his job, he is devastated, but it forces him to take stock of his life – to re-examine his relationships, his perceptions of himself, his fears, his values, and dreams for the future. Dadprovement is his raw and honest account of recognizing that he wasn’t the great father or husband he thought he was, that he had simply been going through the motions. Starting with the adoption of two children from Guatemala, Riccards writes of the vast obstacles faced in the international adoption process, the challenges of building a family, and the rollercoaster ride that follows as one tries to balance career and home life. Part adoption story, part career memoir, and a complete telling of one man’s path to personal and professional redemption, Dadprovement details some of the difficult truths to inspire and help other parents wrestling with how to live up to society’s expectations when it comes to career and family.

Dadprovement Sell Sheet (pdf)

About the Author:
Dadprovement authorPatrick R. Riccards is a nationally recognized strategist, writer, and public speaker on school improvement and education reform issues. A noted education agitator, he is the author of the award-winning Eduflack blog. Named PR News’ Public Affairs Professional of the Year in 2013 and Bulldog Reporter’s Not-for-Profit Communicator of the Year in 2011, Riccards is a contributing author to Why Kids Still Can’t Read: Challenging the Status Quo in Education and PR News’ Media Training Guidebook: Volume 2. He is also the author or editor of a dozen major education policy reports. Most importantly, Riccards has been married to Jennifer since 2001 and is the proud father of Michael and Anna. Today, his most important jobs are those of husband and dad.

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Sci-fi Thriller – Soldiers of God

Soldiers of GodSoldiers of God
By Steven M. Moore
Publisher: Carrick Publishing
Published: June 2014
Genre: Sci-fi Thriller

An FBI agent sets out to solve a vicious murder in the nation’s capital. She and a priest also battle home-grown religious extremists bent on destroying DC monuments. Lurking in the background, an industrialist pulls strings in South America in pursuit of oil futures. These threads come together in an extended finale that is full of meaning for current issues.

About the Author:
Steven Moore has fifteen books–thirteen novels and two anthologies. This is a completely rewritten ebook second edition of his third book–it only appeared before in trade paperback. His various abodes and travels here and abroad and special interests are reflected in this sci-fi classic.



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