Mystery/Suspense – The Place Where The Giant Fell

The Place Where The Giant FellThe Place Where The Giant Fell
By John Henry Hardy
Published: May 2016
ISBN: 978-1523973156
ASIN: B01G68S204
Pages: 168
Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Carrie Ann Benton and Rodney Buchard have been in love since grammar school. Her father, federal judge Horace Benton, has forbidden them to see each other. The reason? Rodney’s mother is Mexican, a fact that will hurt Horace’s prospects of becoming governor of Arizona–and one day, maybe president of the United States.

The judge needs the money and support of affluent voters–which excludes the likes of a so-called “half-breed” like Rodney. Instead, Horace aligns himself with the state’s many powerful cattlemen.

Defying her father’s wishes, Carrie continues her secret romance at an undisclosed rendezvous point inside Fire Mountain, unaware that someone is tracking them–someone prepared to end their relationship for good. Meanwhile, Earl, a wealthy cattle baron’s son, is duped into following their trail in hopes of professing his love to Carrie and separating her from Rodney once and for all.

After an accidental death, US Marshal Max Greystone arrives to investigate and begins to unravel a twisted web of lies, deceit, and intrigue. Will the truth be uncovered before more people lose their lives?



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When Brothers Meet Author - John Henry HardyAbout the Author:
John Henry Hardy was born in Princeton, New Jersey, and served more than thirty three years in the US Marine Corps. At the end of his first stint, he attended Rutgers University and was awarded a bachelor’s degree there, and later a master’s degree in Business Management at the University of Phoenix. As a Public Affairs Officer for the Marine Corps, he wrote numerous newspaper and magazine articles that were published throughout the United States. One of his published articles earned him the George Washington Honor Medal by Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, and for another press release he was awarded the Freedoms Foundation Honor Certificate. He also taught college for several years and now lives in Mesa, Arizona, with his wife Lucy, and is continuing to enjoy his writing career.

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